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5 Reasons to Make Quadir Your Book Bae (Character from His Bad Boy Ways Seduced Me by Nikqua)

After reading about Quadir in His Bad Boy Ways Seduced Me: Welcome to TimbaValley, I realized I needed to add him to my book bae list. Shoot, I think everybody does. Here are five reasons why I feel Quadir is book bae material. If you haven't checked out Nikqua's latest release, please do so now, and let me know if you'll be adding Quadir to your list.

1. He makes me laugh

"'Man, whatever. What the hell you want, toothpick?' he asked, turning his attention back to his phone. I hated the nickname he and the other guys gave me me because of my shape. Their asses didn't have anything better to do but pick on my lil' ass. 'I know your ass not callin' names when your ass Kevin Hart's height.' I laughed when he pointed me with a look. 'Man, get the fuck away from me before I pluck your featherweight ass.' He laughed lightly."

2. He's direct

"'Yeah, I know you here. Give me a minute.' He sighed. He tilted his head to peer at me, and I cocked a brow. 'Man, this shit not easy for me to say.' ' I never known you to be tongue-tied.' I chuckled. 'What's on your mind?' 'You. The sex we had. And I want to do it again.'"

3. He's faithful

"But Quadir is a good man, girl. You better hope he can forgive you for cheatin' on him. It's your life and shit, but at the end of the day, you hurt a faithful ass nigga. A nigga that any bitch would kill to have--hell, even me."

4. Good in bed

"'Damn, say my name again,' he growled, circling his hips. I was feeling every inch of his dick hitting my walls. My pussy grew wetter, making me slipper. I had my hands flat on his chest, my fingernails deep in his skin. His eyes were locked on my breasts, watching as they swung back and forth. I gyrated my body, riding him like he was a surfboard, unable to get enough of him or how he was making me feel. He palmed my ass, caressing slowly, making the fire in me burn slowly. 'Qua!' I hollered when I felt the pressure began to build up inside of me. I knew I would be cumming soon."

5. Protector

"'And if I don't... What the fuck you gon' do?' he challenged me. 'She won't have to do shit. I'll do it.' Quadir jumped in."

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