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15 Hilarious Moment in On Us 2 by Nina

On Us 2 is the third installment in Nina's Porter brother series. This is a highly entertaining series that is labeled as Urban Fiction, but definitely should have a comedy tag on it. On Us 2 is a continuation of On Us and it's prequel, Front St. Porter. These stories chronologize a tale of five brothers that have basically raised themselves and tells the story of their journey in to adulthood. When reading any of the books in the series the author asks that you keep an open mind. This isn't a traditional urban fiction read. After reading this book I wanted to highlight some of the characters funniest moments. Their candor is explicit and may not be entertaining to everyone. If you haven't read this book, now is the time for you to head out, there will definitely be spoilers in this post.

Disclaimer: This isn't your traditional haha moments. My sense of humor may be different from others.

1. "'I know a lot of bad ass Lashays my nigga, and they smart. They all got CNA licenses.'" Dem was dead serious."

After Avery's baby is born, Dem suggests that they name the little girl Lashay. Lashay isn't a bad name, his logic is what makes this statement extremely hilarious.

2. "'They always want Lake bro. Think that nigga different cause he quiet.' Sav scoffed. 'Muhfucka, just a lil retarded baby, that's all,' Sav said as if he were talking to a girl. 'Fuck you nigga,' Lake said, trying not to laugh. 'That's what I been telling bitches since I was younger tryna get some pity ass and shit. Yea baby, my older brother only eighteen, he take care of me by his self and he retarded, can I have some pussy please?'"

If you've read the other installments in this series, you know Lake is "different". Not only did he have to deal with his own issues, he had to deal with his brother's issues in addition to helping raise them. We all know Lake isn't retarded, but it is extremely hilarious when other characters thinks he is.

3. "'Hear me out... that's like the rule of relationships. If something bad happens, oral sex don't count to hold you over until said nigga or bitch get better. Now death? You wait two to four weeks, and then you can fuck. No family members, though. Then they'll haunt you.'"

Sooooo... We know none of the Porters are well versed on relationships. If you didn't know, this statement here solidified it. I'm not sure where Wreck garnered this logic from, but my advice to you is to not take his advice.

4. "'You always wanna try and put my shit out there. Since you wanna tell all our business, tell Avery how you learned to swallow my whole dick and breathe at the same time like you got fuckin gills.'"

Gia is holding on to her virginity with an iron fist, but oral sex is still on the table. She thought she would be able to embarrass Wreck by airing out his cunnilingus escapades, but he quickly turned the tables on her.

5. "'You and Lake want a threesome? Ion know ima have to ask Sav and then he might want in because you know he thing you sexy.' Chi was dead serious. '