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13 Emotions While Reading Seasons of Fidelity: End Game by Takerra Allen

Well guys, we've waited over a year for the final installment of this series and Takerra Allen did not disappoint. This book, like the rest, evoked so many emotions in me. This series was heavy, not just in a sad sense, but all of the scenes are so realistic you have no choice but to get caught up in your feelings. I'm going to list all of the emotions which I identified with while reading this book. If you haven't read the book you may want to click out, because I'm definitely going to spoil it for you.

Sympathy - The book starts off with Dice trying to reconcile with Aleeya. A man of Derrick "Dice" Jones's caliber has altered the game and made it damn near impossible for any woman to reject him, that is until Aleeya "Bunny" Lugo stepped on the scene. "I won't be Mimi. Just leave me alone, Dice. I'm done with you... and I'm done with these stupid fucking restaurants with you." A lot of people feel Dice doesn't deserve sympathy, but I do. He's not perfect, but he's definitely trying. He did things he wouldn't normally do in this book and I definitely feel like there was growth on his part. The glimpses Takerra gives us in to his childhood definitely makes me able to relate to why he moved the way he did as an adult.

Triumph - When book two ended we were all left with the question "Where is Yael?" Well we don't have to wait long in book 3 to find out what happened. "Her wounds throbbed with raw flesh bulging through the slices. And those slivers of white meat dried with blood, burned like a never-ending flow of alcohol was being poured in to them. It was an inescapable pain." I almost cried tears of joy knowing Yael had survived what Craig had put her through. She didn't make the best decisions in this series, but she definitely deserved a second chance at life.

Sadness - As a woman, how could I not feel sadness for Mimi. Mimi was Dice's ride or die throughout this entire series. She did what she felt she had to do to keep him. But those same things is what made him harbor some sort of resentment for her. "Because your weakness disgusted me. Weak people don't survive. They get walked over. If she didn't have his children, she would have never faired the cut. There. There was the truth. There was the devil in him." And even after he left her, even after he proposed to a much younger woman, she still wanted him. My heart ached for her.

Disgust - It was revealed in book two that Dice and Charisma had sex, but we never knew exactly what happened. Well we don't have to wonder anymore. We find out play by play what happened. And if I thought I couldn't dislike Charisma anymore, I was wrong. Of course we all know that it takes two to tango, but her advances made her the super villain in this scene. "C'mon Dice, let me suck it. I ain't taste dick in so long." But that's not to take any of the blame from Dice, he was wrong as well, but soon as shorty took her underwear off in his car he should've let her hoof it home.

Desire - Justice is my least desired part of the "Milky Way" but he definitely upped his real estate in this book. Justice, or Nougat, is the most reserved part of the Milky Way, and instead of him trying to be monogamous in this installment, he threw caution to the wind. Not only did Justice suck grapes out of pussy, he let 2 strippers have a dick- sucking contest with him being the judge. "Temporary satisfaction. Distraction from the liquor and his women problems. And of course... a dick sucking contest. Did a straight man really have to make excuses why he was entertaining the proposition of a dick-sucking contest from two porn stars?" My lil baby was getting it in and did not disappoint.

Fear - Dice Jones didn't just go to jail once in this book, he went twice. I think I prayed a real prayer for him to get out both times. In the beginning he avenges the rape of Aleeya by killing Keith. "'I want you to choke on this shit,' Dice grit through his foaming mouth as if Keith could comprehend, pushing the gun down his bloody throat. He hadn't been that man in a long time." And he beats those charges with his eyes closed. But after having a threesome with two Canadian white girls and dismissing them from his room as if they were nothing, one of them claims he raped them and she just so happens to be related to Canada's Chief of Justice. Our boy comes out victorious, but not without a loss of 2 million dollars and a whole new outlook on life.

Confusion - When Aleeya showed up to visit Dice in jail I never would have imagined it would be to break up with him. There short relationship had been battle tested. Just about everything that could wrong had went wrong and their relationship had survived. "'Derrick, I still want to be here for you. I'm not abandoning you. I still want to be with you! Just not,' her blurry eyes searched around them for her words, 'so much. So fast. Like maybe I can go do the internship and you deal with all of this and we take a step back. Like we visit each other. Have fun... talk..." As an afterthought I understood why Aleeya did what she did, but while reading, sis had me confused.

Awe - Ray Corey is far from perfect, but he definitely is teetering on the line of it. "'He is everything. He is a fucking levee against a flood, Justice,' Regina had to admit before looking down to her girl. 'I'm sorry, baby,' she apologized for the profanity, 'but your daddy is a king. Reading the scene where he delivered Rayna was heart warming and made me love him even more.

Anger - Ray and Gigi were my favorite characters throughout this series but for a split second Gigi had me thinking I had it all wrong. The ups and downs of a relationship is what makes the book good, I get it, but the things she said to Ray during their last argument had my blood boiling. "'But you know what Raymond,' she started up again, 'maybe I'm the dumb one? Maybe everything I thought you were is nothing of who you are,' she took it to the extreme, 'And maybe... maybe there's always been two different people, and I was just so wrapped up in this feeling that you gave me, that I just turned a blind eye to everything about you. Everything my grandmother said, and the neighborhood said, and the judges said, and you know... maybe Charisma was always your girl and you just made me think she wasn't, and maybe... maybe you went to prison because you deserved to do to prison!' He pulled a breath in and held it."'Maybe you were, and are, and always will be a fucking low life thug that I just wasted so much of myself on,' the wear and defeat in her voice told her words were from her guts. 'Maybe our son was taken because he never should have been here." If Ray wasn't mad, I surely was.

Calmness - Justice finding peace made me calm. I felt like readers didn't have to worry about him relapsing in to alcoholism and they didn't have to worry about Yael being his trigger anymore. Jordin, who is a character from Takerra's Restricted series, is like a fresh summer's breeze no matter what book she's in. I was happy that she was able to provide Justice with the calm he needed. "'You're smiling like a girl. And you left the car door open."

Horror - Readers have grieved the death of R.J. since book one and even though we got a little closure in book two nothing beats what's revealed in this book. Ray and Regina take legal action against the three boys that led R.J. to killing himself, but the story that's told in the courtroom isn't a story any parent should have to hear. "By a jizz shower was Marcus suggesting that a teammate or teammates ejaculate on Raymond Corey Jr." I was in tears reading how cruel kids can actually be.

Surprise - Neisha, Dice's daughter, which is not only confirmed by a DNA test but by her personality as well, has a mouth on her. But when it's revealed that she's trying to put the moves on Ray, I just was not equipped to handle it. "Whatever. Pregnant or not her ass still big and can't be fucking Daddy right. She tried to speak to me and shit and I had to handle sis mad dry 'cause I can't be fake up in your face knowing I'm a be sucking the skin off ya nigga dick tonight." Regina also surprised me with the way she handled the situation. Kid or not, Neisha would've had to catch this fade playing with my husband.

Happiness - In the end, everyone pretty much gets their happily every after. It may not be what every reader was rooting for, but it definitely was what was best for the characters. By the end of he book, Ray and Gigi were my favorite characters again and they were expecting baby #3 (4 if you count R.J.) I was thoroughly pleased with the ending of this book.

Takerra says this is the end for these characters, but via her social media posts she working on a new project. This may be the final season, but I definitely don't think this is the end for all of the characters, but we'll see.

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Unknown member
Apr 17, 2020

I loved reading this post. This book ( and the series as a whole) definitely took us through some things and then some. <3


Unknown member
Apr 17, 2020

I loved reading this post. This book ( and the series as a whole) definitely took us through some things and then some. <3

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