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Qi's Amazon Haul (4/2/23-4/8/23)

Hey y'all! Me and my Amazon purchases are back! It's been a few weeks, so I won't overwhelm you with everything I've gotten, but I will highlight some of my cooler purchases. So keep scrolling to feed your shopping addiction.


If you remember, I got another paper film screen protector and it left bubbles on the screen. This one doesn't and it's reusable. It feels just like writing on paper.


I got this tablet stand for my desk. I like multi tasking so it sits right in front of one of my monitors for easy access. It's adjustable and I slide my wireless keyboard right under it.


I'm not big on reading paperbacks, but sometimes I'm forced to read them. This cute lil' book light is perfect for reading in bed. It's rechargeable and you can adjust the brightness.


Wireless keyboard

I got another wireless keyboard and mouse for my MacBook. I feel I type better with a keyboard. It's a mini, making it easy for storage since I won't be using it all the time.


Cable protector

I got these cute lil' cable protectors to keep my charger from bending and breaking. My last official Apple charger did just that an now the wires are hanging out.


The iPad girlies say once you start writing on the paper feel screen protector, your tip on your Apple pencil will start to wear down. So, I got replacement tips to prepare. They're really easy to swap out.


If you're a cookbook girlie, or you like reading paperbacks at your desk, this book stand is perfect. It's adjustable and can hold a pretty nice size book. The part that holds the pages has springs to adjust to the books thickness.


I usually use my laptop in my bed, but sometimes I will use it at my desk. This stand is perfect for my desk. The stand is adjustable, swivels and folds flat to store.


When I'm not displaying my MacBook, I can use this stand to move it out the way. It has little plastic pieces on the bottom to keep it from sliding. When my MacBook isn't in it, I can use it to hold a one subject notebook.


That's all the good stuff I got this week. Hopefully I'll be able to show you guys what I get next week in a timely manner. Love y'all!

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