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Qi's Amazon Haul (3/5/23-3/11/23)

Hey y'all! I did a little Amazon shopping this week and wanted to show you guys what I got. Keep scrolling to check out.


I got this stadium approved bag. Perfect for the ladies partaking in the Renaissance tour. It's the perfect crossbody size and I love the strap!


I got another microphone to give to my husband. It's identical to the one I already have. And I like the way the one I have works.


I got this dress in hopes that I could wear it to the GEM Awards, and honestly, I think I found a winner. It's lightweight, but doesn't feel cheap. Has a zipper on the side with a hook. The split isn't too high up and my shapewear fits underneath perfectly. I don't even have on a bra, and my girls don't look sad. So, a win all around for me. Now I need to find some cute accessories.


That's all I got this week. I have some stuff that's supposed to arrive tomorrow, so I may do another haul with you guys next weekend. Love y'all!

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