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Interview with Natavia

Do you find it easier to write about people or paranormal characters?

NATAVIA - I find it easier to write about paranormal people because there aren’t any rules or levels in being realistic.

What inspired you to start writing paranormal?

NATAVIA - I love paranormal since it’s above the ordinary and the fact that there aren’t many black characters in that genre pushed me to write about it.

Where do you get your paranormal ideas from?

NATAVIA - The folklore we have in our culture.

How many books have you written total?

NATAVIA - I think I have 38 books but I have to recount them later.

Do you have a favorite paranormal character you've written about?

NATAVIA - So far my favorite character I’ve written about is Cree. I didn’t drop the book yet, but she’s my favorite because I can relate to her, especially with the issues we have from police brutality.

Do you have any favorite authors that also write paranormal books?

NATAVIA - No, I don’t have any favorite paranormal authors as of yet. But I will hopefully when I get a chance to read again.

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