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Interview with Genesis Woods

Where did you get your love of books/storytelling/reading/writing/etc come from?

Genesis: I’ve always had a vivid imagination since I first learned how to hold a pen and paintbrush. With art being my first love, it was easy for me to fall into the art of storytelling and writing out my crazy dreams in one of my journals. However, I didn’t get really serious about writing books until about six or seven years ago after I published my first e-book on Amazon.

Any author(s) that you feel influenced your writing?

Genesis: There are a lot of authors who have influenced my writing. Uh, Farrah Rochon, Phoenix Daniels, Roxie Rivera, all of the Kimani Romance authors, Candace Mumford, Desiree Granger, Shantae’, Lena Skye, and a few more.

What inspires you?

Genesis: If we’re talking about personal inspiration, then I would have to say my cubs. Everything I do as far as these books and my candle company is for them. Now, if we’re talking book wise, then I would say just about anything can and or will inspire a storyline or scene in a book for me. I could be watching an episode of The First 48 and come up with a story idea behind something one of the suspects said. LOL.

What are your top 3 favorite books of all time?

Genesis: This one is kind of hard because I have A LOT of I'll just list my top 3 book baes and the books that they are in instead. (I’ve also read each of these books multiple times)

**Superior “Uncle Suge” Dominion-Natural Born Liars (The Misadventures Of Mink LaRue Series) by Noire

**Kwame “Trigga” Kwali & Sean“Enzo” Banks-Hood Misfits by Brick & Storm

**Ezra Carmichael-In Covenant With Ezra (The Love Unaccounted Series) by Love Belvin

How do you research for your books?

Genesis: Pretty much how everyone else researches...I Google a lot of shit. I’ll read other books in the same genre that I’m writing and sometimes I’ll try to find movies to watch.

What is your work schedule like when you're writing?

Genesis: Unorganized. LOL...I don’t really have a work schedule. I just write whenever the wave hits me and try to ride it out while the mojo is flowing.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Genesis: I would tell my younger writing self to be more responsible and pay that damn storage bill! LOL! I had hundreds of stories and poetry journals in my storage unit and ended up losing all of it when I didn’t pay my bill after my mother said she wasn’t going to pay it anymore. The storage company put a lien on my shit and ended up selling everything in it.

Which one of your books is your favorite?

Genesis: So, I get asked this question and never know how to answer it because I hate reading my own work. But, if I had to choose one, I would say that Big Dick Energy is my favorite. I like to talk about sex and that book talks about sex. LOL

What are you working on now?

Genesis: At this present moment, I’m finishing up the second book for BigDickEnergy.Com which will be out this month and then I’ll be starting on the full length novel that I want to put out this year.

Where can readers find out more about you & your work?

Genesis: Well, I’m always on Facebook and Instagram (@iamgenesiswoods) so those are two definite places where you can find me and my work. A few other spots would be my website (, Twitter (@iamgenesiswoods), my email (, of course Amazon, and also on store shelves worldwide.

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