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Author Spotlight ft. Tisha Andrews

1. What has influenced you the most as a writer?

I honestly just love to escape through reading and began to pen stories that others read during middle school. Once they did and appeared to be excited or wanted to read more, the creative spark inside of me began to grow. However, once I became a mother, wife and extremely passionate about working with children and their families in foster care, I sort of tucked that passion away.

It wasn’t until I participated in a book discussion and was asked what I would like to see this author pen next. I then pitched a storyline. I was then asked to pen three chapters related to my pitch and a storyline was birthed which became my debut novel. Once I took that leap of faith, I penned at least fifteen more stories.

2. What do you feel is the most important to have a.) strong characters b.) mind-blowing plot twist of c.) epic setting?

I think genre plays a key role as to which one could take the forefront in a storyline. However, all can play a significant role in any genre. An example would be an urban romance story where drama, mind-blowing plot twists consist of an arrogant, strong-willed hero who becomes the next infamous book bae. He’s the one we all swoon over and battle about in readers’ groups.

Even a kick ass heroine that’s perceived as being too strong, can soon fall prey to love when she meets the right hero that won’t take no for an answer. Toss either one into an epic setting and you might have a best seller on the charts.

As to an epic setting, imagine a scene in a book where loud cars are bumping and bikes are spiraling wildly down the avenue to woman clad in the latest fashion on the sidelines waiting to catch one of their eye. Immediately, you want to be there, smell the food, dance to the music and even secure you a number or two. Therefore, I don’t think any particular one is most important to have. They all can have a seat at my creative table.

3. What behind-the-scenes tidbit in your life would surprise your readers the most?

I have a fear of completely and totally falling in love again. I absolutely love love. I desire to throw all caution to the wind and one day say “I do” to a man that can handle all sides of me. I can be moody one second, wanting to isolate in a room alone and the next second be all over and under him like I’m his second set of skin.

Marriage, however, is something I’ve failed at twice and probably because I didn’t do the necessary work I needed to do like being a better communicator at what I needed. Failure has created an abundance of shame for me at times, and this is more than just about failing at love but in life as a whole. I also know that I can look at failure as a huge book of lessons learned. I’m still learning lessons but baby, when I say “I do” again, all y’all coming because I’m going live right on social media. LOL.

4. What is your favorite cover out of all your books? Why is it your favorite?

I would say The Day I Met My Soul. Now that was a hard decision to make since I love all of my covers, but I think it shows the diversity in my pen style. I’m not a hard core urban romance author, yet the image is of a hero that gives off an urban, rugged or rough-edged aura. However, he’s sitting amongst a sea of red flowers in on a step in the hood. The flowers give it a softer vibe that invites a reader inside, possibly revealing a vulnerable energy he possesses as he sits deep in thought. I remember when I purchased it from Author Chanelle, she told me that she must secure a copy of this one in paperback. I need to bless her with one because I believe my Swoon who is the hero in this novel put a lot of new readers on to me.

5. Where can readers find out more about you and your books?

Readers can find out more about me and my books by selecting any of the social media handles below or subscribing to my mailing list. I respond to every reader be it via any of my direct message/inbox features or other platforms such as readers groups. I’m not shy at all and look forward to chatting with them.


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