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Author Spotlight ft. Aja

When it comes to writing passionate Black love that jumps off the page and into readers’ hearts, Aja’s pen is a leader in the game. To date, she’s written and self-published over 30 books that offer an escape into Black love stories that center on sensual, sexy, and erotic experiences. The winner of BRAB's 2022 & 2023 Brenda Jackson Romance of The Year award uses her life experience and persuasive storytelling talent to construct characters and situations that showcase the best Black love can be and offer. In the pages of her books, you’ll find relatable characters that seduce you with their intense chemistry that Aja seamlessly blends into soul-stirring romances.

The Pittsburgh native is a full-time writer with the mind and patience that allows her to maintain a life of constant study. Life is her biggest teacher. Through self-study and persistent observation of others, Aja finds the human thread that connects us all. That relatability is a recurring tenet of her award-winning books. Time spent reading any of her narratives is underscored by deep feelings of love and connection because love isn’t just her brand; it’s who she is. Black love advocacy is the central theme on every page she writes because Aja believes Black love is shaped and defined by Black people’s many trials and tribulations. Her Black-on-Black characters love the way they do, not because of what they’ve endured, but despite it.

Aja doesn’t just write about love; she lives it every day. She’s familiar with the passion, intensity, and sensuality that readers yearn for, and that’s why her books leave a powerful, lasting mark on readers’ minds.


1.     What do you think are the most important elements of good writing?


Aside from the fundamentals of grammar, syntax, and showing vs. telling, the most important element is the soul. My soul. Writing from my heart, being true to myself, and telling the story the way it formed from my spirit and intellect—are most important to me.


2.     Which is your favorite book you’ve written?


Never a fair question lol, but I’m selecting She’s Got Soul because of what it sparked inside of me. It’s helped me to build a universe of characters and stories I can continue to write about until I’m done with them.


3.     What part of your books are the most fun to write?


I truly enjoy writing the chemistry. The moments between love and sex. When he runs his finger down the length of her arm as they stand in line at the grocery store—something mundane and so ordinary and yet .... she shudders with the remembrance of when he did that very thing just that morning after he drilled her into the mattress.  Her cheeks become flush with arousal and her eyes find his dark ones waiting as they move close to the register. The communication is clear: the meal they’re planning to prepare when they get home is not all that will be eaten that night.

That right there feels more invigorating than the sex itself. The promise of a great time? That sh!t is fire!


4.     What was your hardest scene to write?


I have a few but recently I was writing a scene in Slick where she gets a moment with her mother she didn’t have in her life while growing up, and within moments, her mother is dead. Killing characters can bring pleasure from time to time but this time, I knew what I was taking from Slick, necessary or not. I cried as I created more pain for her.


5.      Where can readers find out more about you and your books?


Thank you for this spotlight! I appreciate you!

To find out more about me and my work you can visit my website or follow me @ajathewriter across social media. Subscribing to my newsletter gives firsthand knowledge of what’s on its way.

 Check out my catalog on Amazon:

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Unknown member
Dec 22, 2023

That was a beautiful way to capture Aja.

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