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The Falling Like a Johnson Series by Rilzy Adams Has a Trope For Just About Anybody

Rilzy Adams is an author I recently discovered this year. Like any good author I stumble upon, I'm upset I didn't find her sooner. A few of the ladies in our reading group told me how good The Gift was, so I decided to check it out, and it did not disappoint. After finishing The Gift, I realized it was a part of a series, each one is a standalone about a sibling in the Johnson family. I've been shying away from series lately, but I could not put this one down. It had the perfect mixture of drama and romance that kept me turning the pages. As I read, I noticed that each book in the series touched on a different trope. If tropes are your thing, look no further. This series has a trope for you. Scroll down and see what trope each book touches on.


Enemies to Lovers


Friends to Lovers


Love Triangle


Second Chance Romance

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Unknown member
Sep 24, 2021

Love Rilzy’s work, I’m going to have to check this series out.

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