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Suicide Prevention Week: Reading Our Way Through Protective Factors

Often times, people resort to suicide when they feel like there's no other choice. Rather than using coping skills to help them through their dilemma, they resort to killing themselves.

In book three of this series, Secret definitely utilized healthy coping strategies and problem-solving skills. She was faced with a potentially life or death decision, and instead of giving it all up, she used the skills she had to make a decision that was best for her, regardless of what anyone else thought.

One of the risk factors for committing suicide is having a sense of social isolation, or loneliness. So, having a connection to friends, family, or the community is definitely a protective factor for suicide.

Melanin in the City is a book about sisterhood and helping each other get through tough times. each sister had a hardship to get through, but together, they were able to overcome their obstacles.

Many times, those who have committed suicide had a previous mental health disorder, like depression. That is why it is critical for everyone to have a mental health professional on deck regardless of whether or not a a diagnosis for a mental illness is present.

Those who do see a mental health professional and have a healthy relationship with them are less likely to commit suicide.

The characters of Front St. Porter, regardless of all of their issues, have a very open relationship with their therapist, Dr. Pie. Through therapy, they have been able to progress in their relationships with one another. Check out the characters' updates through Nina's Tumblr page!

Having a sense of purpose is critical because there is a negative association between lack of purpose and having feelings of hopelessness. And as previously stated, feelings of hopelessness are risk factors for suicide. So, even when it's hard, find purpose, even if it's in the people around you.

In this story, two fanatics find their purpose in a very non-traditional way. Find out how they manage to beat their feelings of hopelessness and suicidal ideation by clicking the link below.

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