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Spring into Reading

The start of Spring was last month, and of course, I've read quite a few books since then. Just wanted to share a few of my favs. So, if you're looking for a new read, keep scrolling so you can spring into reading.


This is the finale to a two book series. It's about an organized crime family and features, sex, lies and betrayal. It even features an arranged marriage. K.L. Hall knows how to get my attention and this book had it from the beginning to the end.


This book will be on my best of 2023 list! For some reason I thought Courtney Irving was a romance author. I'm hear to tell you... she is not. Urban Fiction is her thing and she does it well. This book was well written and had me flipping all 570 pages extremely fast. There are several triggers in this book, so if you're a sensitive reader, you should bypass this one.


I found A.E. Valdez on Tik Tok last year, and I'm never letting her go. Her stories are so cute and well written. This story kind of falls into the millionaire/billionaire romance story. And who doesn't love when the male main character is rich.


This story has to be the most unconventional entertaining story. It's about a woman with a talking coochie. Yup, you read that right. And she can hear her partner's genitalia as well. There is a part two that's being released in episodes on Kindle Vella if you decide to read this.


This was my first motorcycle club read, and I enjoyed it. It was different and I like to switch up my reads so I won't hit a slump. This one did the trick. This is a part of a standalone series, and the second book, Pharoah, is already out.


This is another completed two part series. I don't know how Lakia found Hopeful Heartbreakers, but I'm glad she did. My first read by her was a Halloween book and every book I've read by her since is a five star read. This book was toxic and ghetto and I loved every page. Solidifying Lakia's most recent spot on my favorite author's list.


Organized crime families have been having me in a chokehold. This is book four in a standalone series (it isn't completed), and each book is about a different family member in the Windermere family. This series is Shae Sanders' first try at Urban Fiction, and I think she did a good job. I can't wait for the next installment.


If you're into fairy tale renditions, read this. This story was inspired by The Princess and the Frog, but the storyline isn't exactly like it. Matter of fact, it's nothing like it, the main character just happens to be a waitress that ends up with her dreams coming true. I listened on Audible, and it's narrated by Wesleigh Siobahn, and y'all know our good sis can narrate her ass off.


If you check any of these recommended reads out, don't forget to leave a review.

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