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Short Story Sunday

Sunday, 11/29/20, Hopeful Heartbreakers hosted their first ever Short Story Sunday. Although all of the stories were winners in their own way, the judges chose the three entries listed below. Keep scrolling to read these aspiring author's stories. Hopefully these ladies will be added to our favorite authors list soon.

1st place - Tasha Hampton-Murden

Choosy Lover

“Choose! You got me fucked up if you think I’m gone sit around and play sleep at the wheel while you run off with the next nigga. I’m willing to die about this shit, I’m willing to kill over you,” Bando voice rumbled with anger from beating his chest with the fist of his left hand, while the thumb and index finger from his right hand curled itching to pull the trigger. The pain settled in his chestnut eyes a look that even he couldn’t recognize as he stared at his wife of five long years. Five years married, sixteen years together, and he never thought he would see the day she couldn’t choose between him and someone else. No matter what, they always chose one another over any and everyone, but now he wasn’t so sure that same loyalty remained. He could smell another man’s scent all over her, a scent that burned his nostrils like a drug being forced into his system. His heart didn’t want to believe the sight in front of him, but the truth stood right in front of his face. The pain that stabbed him in the heart was unbearable, at that moment Bando had no choice but to accept that he was sharing his wife with another man, and deep down in a place, he refused to acknowledge he knew a part of her loved him. But, was it more than the love that she devoted for so many years to him? That was the question that needed to be answered but he was too afraid to receive the answer.

Slowly, removing his eyes off of her Bando turned his attention back to the man in front of him. Took stood with his chest poked out showing no ounce of fear. To him, it was whatever it was, showing Bando fear was the last thing he would do. They both bled the same blood in Took’s eyes. Just like Bando’s finger curled the trigger, so did his. The moment Bando rushed into the room with the chrome beretta in his hands Took pulled out his, he would never be caught slipping without it. He knew the type of man Bando was and it was only a matter of time before their choices lead them all here. It wasn’t a nigga alive Bando hated more than Took, running his free hand over his face he asked his enemy one question, “Say, my nigga, ARE YOU? Are you willing to pull that trigger you holding over her? Are you willing to take this bullet dead to the fucking head? Are you ready to leave everybody and everything behind for this? Cause I’m with all that shit, I’m ready for all that shit, so my nigga my question is are you? No nigga taking what’s mine from me, unless I’m dead and gone. Since a little nigga in the streets with none to eat she been mine. You crazy as a motherfucker if you think I’m letting her go, letting what we got go. I been told Winnie I’ll die about her and I mean that shit. That’s me the other half of me it’s only one way I’m leaving out this motherfucker without her.”

Winnie could feel the anxiety take over her body, she trembled while clutching the white sheet over her slim thick frame. There she was at 3:34 in the morning standing in the middle of the hotel suite with nothing but a bedsheet wrapped around her naked body. Two men who shared her heart were staring at one another with so much animosity, you could feel the hate seeping out of their pores, the rage that was building was now tipping towards explosion. Two men, two guns, both hands curling their triggers, and only one woman. They were so different, yet when it came to Winnie they were the same. Just men who were in love with a woman, that neither wanted to let go of or live without. One loving her most of his life, since he was a teenager, loved her so much he made her his wife giving her the only thing his father ever gave him, his last name. The other she took by storm coming into his city, giving him something he never had, making him love her like she was his while belonging to another.

Both men knew why she had the other, both men felt they were the better choice, both wanting her to decide at this very moment. Someone was going to die tonight if she didn’t choose wisely. Winnie knew in her heart that neither man would let the other walk out alive. It wasn’t in them to live looking over their shoulders every day.

“Bando,” she called out softly to her husband, tears slowly falling from her eyes like raindrops on a rainy day, “Calm down, please! Think about your kids they need you. I’m sorry I put you in this position, blame me, please just put the gun down. This will end today, I promise to make a decision, a final one just put the gun down. Don’t take away my choice, I deserve that much from you. After everything we’ve been through you owe me that much. Let me choose and we all can walk away from this. Banny, please just think.”

“Calm down? My wife in a hotel with another nigga but as fucking naked like she a newborn fucking baby. A nigga that shouldn’t even be an issue. A nigga who feels so entitled to what’s mine he got a fucking gun pointed at me. You want me to calm the fuck down Winnie? Take the disrespect on the chin, huh? I’m that much of a hoe nigga in your eyes now? This nigga willing to kill me and die over you but you want me to CALM THE FUCK DOWN!” the foam that escaped Bando’s mouth was just like a raging pit bull who was about to break off the leash.

Bando gripped his gun so tight the blood that flowed through cut off, never in 31 years had his heart hurt so bad. Not even when his father left him on the street two days after his mother died, even then he knew he would survive, but life without Winnie was something he just couldn’t phantom. He wanted to kill everyone in the room, but killing Winnie would be like killing his self. He loved her beyond his own sanity. He wouldn’t let her go. He couldn’t her go. It just wasn’t possible to lose the air you needed to breathe, he would rather Took’ take his life instead.

Not being able to convince Bando, Winnie turned her attention to Took, pleading with him with her dark brown eyes to just put the gun down before things took a turn for the absolute worse.

“Took, please put the gun down. Please don’t do this. I promise no one has to get hurt.” Winnie pleaded trying to control her emotions. This was her fault she lead them all here, “We can talk, all sit-down, I’m to blame just let me fix this. I promise after today this will no longer be a problem. I will choose I promise I will. You said I was free with you let me be free and make this decision. I don’t want anyone’s blood on my hands. I just...please put the gun down and this will all be over.”

“Nah, we both know one of us ain’t gone make it out of here. I fucked up letting him get by the first time. I tried, but why the fuck I have to let go? This nigga don’t deserve you. He knows that shit, he knows he fucked up, he knows he took advantage, that’s why this shit killing him, that’s why he refuses to let go but he let a real one come along and show you what you worth. Now he mad all in his chest ain’t no way this nigga leaving here breathing, because I know he ain’t letting go.” Took confessed Bando didn’t deserve Winnie and he was tired of letting him have what he felt now belonged solely to him.

Took loved her just as much as Bando or so he thought. The moment she stepped into his city, the very first time he laid eyes on her at the club, he knew she was supposed to be his. Maybe, he was wrong loving another man’s wife but fucked that Bando didn’t deserve her. Losing his life was worth Winnie being free, for years Bando kept her locked in chains with his love by her loyalty, he made her a prisoner of love hurting her just because he could. Took would never inflict the pain Bando did, and stepping away wasn’t an option, not now not ever.

Feeling overwhelmed Winnie rubbed her hands through her thick, tinted red hair, fuck fuck fuck, she thought to herself trying to think of a plan. Lifting her head everything seemed like it was slow motion. She saw his finger curl and pull the trigger. Without thinking twice she ran to stop the bullet from piercing him.

No! No! Winnie’s screams could be heard miles away. At that drastic moment, it was clear who she would choose, but it was too late.


One single bullet to the chest, hitting the heart, as soon as the bullet hit it was over.


2nd Place - Dominique Chuck

But if this is

“Yo this was a fucking waste of a trip!” Salvester yelled at me as he threw the remainder of his clothes into his bag. “You’re damn right!” I yelled back because fuck him. Fuck rekindling! This shit had run its course and was crashing and burning. We couldn’t come back from any of this and this trip just proved that. “Come the fuck on before we miss our flight,” he said snatching his bags up and storming out of our suite as I took my time because as I just said, FUCK HIM!

I really don’t know when the switch happened. We used to be so happy. Lovey dovey to the max. Our friends hated being around us because we stayed in each others faces and then one day we just weren’t. It wasn’t gradual at all. We were in love and then we weren’t. We went from love to hate in a flip of a switch.

“Christianna, I swear if we miss our fucking flight,” Sal growled out at me as I continued to take my slow time because I was queen petty. I would love for him to have to buy us another set of tickets. “You swear what nigga?” I questioned to spite him. “You will what? Beat my ass,” I said laughing as he shot me the most hateful look. Yeah, alright, ditto nigga.

We made it threw TSA with no problems and while he damn there ran to our terminal I took in the scene around me. The airport was always warm and inviting during the holiday seasons and even though I couldn’t stand Sals ass I still felt a wave of sadness wash over me as I thought about all of the good times we had had in airports all over the world. We were the couple that people were saying aw about as we cuddled up waiting for our flight. How in the hell did we stray so far from that? What happened to us?

“Last call for flight 7661 to Houston,” I heard over the intercoms as Sal took off in a half sprint half jog sliding in between people with ease. I remember a time when he wouldn’t have cared if we had missed our flight that just meant one more day of vacation. Those days had long since been over.

By the time that I got to our terminal Sal’s beautiful caramel face was beet red making his freckles that much more prominent. I could see the disdain in his hazel eyes. How the hell did we get here?

“Thank you for waiting,” he said to the chick at the door, shooting her one of his award winning smiles, grill shinning and enhancing how fucking beautiful his teeth were. “Come the fuck on Chris,” he said like we weren’t already in the jetway. What was the plane going to do? Take off and just leave us in this little tunnel? I wanted to ask him but I didn’t feel like arguing in front of all of these people. Sal was known for low blows and I would like to spare the embarrassment.

I slid into the window seat holding my purse and leaving my bag in his seat for him to find space for in the overhead out of habit. After finding somewhere for his bag he looked down and saw mine sitting in his seat and the look that he gave me wasn’t one of someone who said they would love me forever. After slamming my bag into a space he took his seat and immediately put in his headphones instead of praying with me like we normally did. Since he didn’t care, I didn’t either so I followed suit as I looked out the window waiting for our flight to take off. I planned to sleep the whole 6 hour flight. I watched the blue waters of Tobago disappear as I closed my eyes dozing off.

“Sorry, for the turbulence everyone,” I heard throughout the plane as I was violently shaken from my slumber. “Please refasten your seatbelts,” I heard a man’s voice continue on as I looked over at Salvester. “What’s going on,” I asked him while trying to connect my seatbelt to its holder. “The captain said we were going through a little storm but we should be out in a minute. Go ahead back to sleep,” he said gently. A drastic contrast from how he had spoken to me all weekend, but Sal knew I would have a full on panic attack on this plane.

I loved traveling but hated flying. I always went to sleep as quick as possible so I could cut down some of the time that we were in the air. He took my hand in his for a split second, giving me a little reassuring squeeze before letting it go again. I tried to take his advice and close my eyes again. I said a little prayer just as the shaking subsided substantially and I dozed back off.

“I’m doing everything I can folks,” I heard the second time I was violently shaken from my my sleep. “This is why I hate flying,” I whined as Sal took my hand for the second time in months. “It’s gonna be alright Chris,” he said but I could see the worry in his eyes. I looked down at connection of our hands. I tried to focus on how his smooth caramel skin ran smoothly into my chocolate skin. I tried to think about what our future children would have looked like. Would they have his freckles? Would they have my coils? I tried to think about anything but this damn plane.

“Breathe Chris,” I heard Sal say as I felt my lungs fill with air. “Come on baby, you got this,” Sal said as he squeezed my hand gently. This was the Sal that I had fallen in love with.

“We were,” he started talk singing my favorite song, trying to coax me off of the ledge. “Five steps,” I exhaled harshly thinking about how relevant this song was for our current predicament. “From what baby,” he said trying to get me to go on as the plane took a sudden dip.

I could feel the tears coming down my face.

“Chris, what were we 5 steps from?” He asked again. “Eternity,” I exhaled the next line in the popular Dru Hill song. “Then we were,” He continued on as I heard people around me screaming and crying. I tried my hardest to block them out and stay right here in this moment with Sal. “Four steps,” I started before being cut of by the sound of the pilot again.

“I’m so sorry,” I heard him plead. “Y’all I’m really trying,” he stated showing off his southern drawl as the plane took another drastic dip. “I’m really fucking trying,” he stated again before the noises of the the passengers took back over. Some flight attendants were trying to calm us while others were having full on panic attacks. I looked at Sal and wished we hadn’t been fighting for the last 6 months. I wished that everything was business as usual. Love as usual.

“Christianna, I swear I love you,” he said placing his hand tenderly on my face as he continued to squeeze my other hand. “I fucking love you and I’m sorry for all the stress that I have put on you,” he said tears running freely down his face. “I’m sorry we lost our baby. I know it wasn’t your fault. I know it was all God’s doing. It just wasn’t our time,” he said as his face became a blur to me. “I fucking love you,” he said pulling my face into his and kissing my lips full on just as the plane began to rapidly descend. I couldn’t say anything. I just tried to relish in this moment. In this kiss. In our life prior to the baby. I tried to remember all of the good times as Sal forcefully kissed me.

I could hear someone saying the Our Father’s prayer over the intercom only to be cut out by the captain yelling prepare for an impact. Sal took both of my hands in his and began praying along with everyone else.

Thy kingdom come,

Thy will be done.


3rd Place - Ru Solomon

Spill the Tea: A Short Story By: Marcella Roche

Brielle stared at the grey wall in front of her. The same wall she stared at each time she visits. On it, hang a canvas of a beautiful, naked woman with golden brown skin and a fro of gorgeous coils of cinnamon brown hair. Brielle gazed upon the picture, envisioning herself as this woman, sitting with one leg folded Indian style and the other with her knee up. The woman has her head bowed, pressed against her prayer positioned hands, using them to hold up the gold crown on her head as she prays. As Brielle’s own eyes teared up, as if looking at herself in a mirror, a tear falls from the woman’s eye. Brielle closed her eyes and heard the woman in the picture say, “I just want to be happy.” “What will it take to make you happy?” Spencer asked. Brielle didn’t answer. “Brielle?” Tami said. Brielle looked past the woman calling her name, silently reading the sign on the black bookshelf behind her. On the sign were the words “you’re in a safe place to spill the tea”. With that she replied, “I’d be happy if I could walk away from him and find the love I truly deserved.” She turned to her husband and said “we do this same shit every few months. What I need, what I want, to be happy, you can’t consistently provide.” Exhausted, Spencer put his head down and closed his eyes. He rubbed his hands down the waves of his Caesar cut, as he brought his head back up. Then he rubbed them down his face, and softly said “I promise I’mma do better, Bre. I promise.” “You said that a few months ago, right?” Brielle asked. “Exact. Our hour up. Tee, I’ll holla, sis.” Brielle continued in frustration, gathering her things and leaving the office. As Brielle pulled open her car door, it is pushed closed before she moved to get in. She lowered her head and whispered “bruhhhh”. Spencer leaned in behind her and softly said “Bre, please, just give me some time, babe.” “So, I’m headed to get an oil change, get gas and then Whole Foods to grab dinner before I grab the twins.” Brielle said ignoring him. With his head lowered, Spencer said “I will pick up the twins now, and first thing tomorrow get the oil changed. Brielle closed her eyes, inhaling and exhaling a big breath. Spencer stepped back allowing Brielle to get in the car. “Don’t give up on me.” He said lowly, as he leaned in and gave Brielle a forehead kiss.

Brielle grabbed a spot in the Whole Foods parking garage. Tossed her keys and phone in her purse and hopped out her car. Her canary yellow sundress fell just an inch from the ground, thanks to her double strap platform wedge sandals. At only 5’2, everything long would be dragging on the floor if she didn’t where a platform shoe of some sort. Short, 125 pounds, “captain of team big butt and no gut” as she proclaimed often, Fenty foundation 440, hazelnut skin tone, with waist length medium auburn locs, Brielle was bad! Each day she drank 64 ounces of only alkaline water and followed a strict skincare routine. So, it would come as no surprise, her skin was illuminating in the sun as she crossed the crosswalk from the parking lot to enter the store. “Ssshit!” Brielle heard someone yell and turned to see a man in a black 2021 Chevy Camaro ZL1 convertible slowly cruising by as she made her way into the store. “Nice” she thought smiling. Brielle has a thing for Camaros. Per her usual, Brielle stopped and literally smelled the flowers. This is always her first stop in Whole Foods. She grabbed three bouquets of sunflowers, her favorite, and a bouquet of pink Hawaiian coral peonies. “Click.” Brielle heard a camera sound over her shoulder. She turned around and there stood Mr. Cruise Control taking a picture. “Oh, I’m sorry. Am I in your way?” Brielle said taking her cart and stepping to the side. “You good, Lil Mama. I was taking a picture of the flowers you grabbed so I know what kind to buy my girl later.” Zac answered. “Oh.” Brielle said with a giggle. “How do you know she’ll like these? We don’t all like the same things, you know.” “Well, I figure if you putting them in your buggy, you must like ‘em. So, I’m taking notes, so I don’t forget what to buy you later.” Zac replied. “Cute.” Brielle smirked and headed to the Hot Food Bar to grab dinner. Following behind her, Zac said “So, what else you like, Miss…?” “MRS. Wright” Brielle said emphasizing the Mrs. part. “Yes. You. Are.” Zac slowing remarked, looking her up and down. “Wright as in W-R-I-G-H-T, sir. Mrs. Wright.” Brielle assured him. “Mrs. huh?” he said grabbing her hand. “Cute” he mocked, looking at the yellow gold band on the ring finger of her left hand. With her face scrunched, she snatched her hand back and continues to browse the bar. “Oh, you bout to grab some grub, Mrs. Wright? Why don’t you join me at my fav spot right up the way? We can eat, get acquainted and you can tell me why MR. Wright got you buying your own flowers and shit.” Zac said. “Sir. Cuse me, you in my business” Brielle said folding her arms. “Don’t do that?” Zac replied and they both laughed. “Dammmmmnnnnn! How are you even more gorgeous when you smile?” He said, holding his chest. “This too much for my heart, Lil Mama.” “Boy bye.” Brielle giggled and picked up a container. Zac grabbed the container and looked Brielle in her eyes. “Woo chile! Who the hell is this chocolate dream?” Brielle thought, looking up at him. Brielle had not really looked at him or paid him much attention until now. But this man was fo-ine! About 6’2, radiating shiny, dark chocolate skin mixed with hues of caramel and gold, a dark goatee that connected to his head of locs, and dark brown eyes that peered into her soul, Brielle was mesmerized. And Zac had that good hair, that Jesus hair like wool, in armpit length locs that were black with honey blonde tips. Brielle watched herself grasping a handful of them as he fucked her against a wall. “So, we rocking or what, Lil Mama?” Zac said, alerting her from her trance. “Wait what?” Brielle replied. “Get yo hot ass together” she thought to herself. “Just hang with a nigga for a hot second, Lil Mama. Come grab a bite and drink wit cha boy. We can walk right over to Saks. The lil rooftop bar a vibe.” “Shit” Brielle thought. That’s her favorite little getaway spot. Their drinks are the best! But the best thing about it is the spectacular 180 view of the ocean from on the terrace, with the height of the area keeping it secluded and the usual crowds below out of view. “Damn, I love that spot. I can’t even turn you down… Mr.?” She finally replied walking to the cashier. “Zac. Zachary Baldwin.” Zac answered with the brightest Colgate Optic white smile, taking her flowers from her cart and placing them on the belt. “Fuck outta here, yo. That is not your name.” Brielle laughed. “Dead ass. Here you go.” Laughing he passed Brielle his driver’s license and reached around her to give the cashier his AMEX black card. “You don’t have to…” Brielle started to say while handing him his license back. Zac gave her a look that said he was paying and that was that, and he placed his card and license back in his wallet. With Zac carrying her flowers they walked over to Saks On Fifth Avenue. Upon arriving he opened and held the door for Brielle to walk in. When they entered an associate from the shoe department greeted them. “Hello, Mr. Baldwin. Always a pleasure to see you.” The associate said. “Aye whaddup, Chou. Chou, this my girl, Mrs. Wright with the wrong last name.” Zac replied with a laugh. Rolling her eyes at Zac then looking to Chou, Brielle stated “My name is Brielle. Nice to meet you, sir.” “Oh, these are hot!” Brielle said looking and walking toward a pair of red Giuseppe Siuxsie heels. Zac whispered to Chou, “anything she touch” and hands him his card. “You know where to find me. Slowly walking behind, her, giving her all the time, she wanted, Zac watched Brielle admire shoe after shoe. She finally turned around and said “I’m sorry. I got sidetracked. I love shoes.” “You good, Lil Mama. We got time.” Zac said. “I really don’t.” Brielle said lowering her head. Zac lifted her head, reached out his hand to hers and asked, “Shall we?” She took his hand and they headed to the elevator to the rooftop. When the elevator opened, a waiter stood at the entrance. “Sammi, my man. Whaddup.” Zac yelled and handed Brielle’s flowers to him. “Mr. Baldwin, a pleasure to see you as always.” Sammi replied, waved his hand and continued “the rooftop is all yours, sir.” “Who the hell is this man?” Brielle thought. “Preciate that, Sammi. This my girl…” Zac started to say. Brielle snapped her head and gave him a look. He laughed and continued “this my girl, Brielle. Bring her two lemon drops, I’ll have my usual and one of everything on the menu. Lil Mama light but MAN!” He looked at Brielle’s butt and continued, “she carrying some weight in the back!” He licked his lips. Brielle gives him a soft push “Negro!” They all laugh. Brielle and Zac went out onto the terrace of the rooftop, with Sammi retreating behind the bar to get the order prepared. “So, Mr. Zachary Baldwin? How yo black ass get a name like that? And how all these people know you? Annnnd how’d you know lemon drops are my fav?” Brielle asked. “Let me find out you a stalker” she added. “Well, my moms wanted me to have a name that look good on a resume so I could have a good shot at call backs” he laughed. “And I come here every day around this time. Was on my way here when I saw you floating angelically cross the crosswalk in that yellow sundress, hugging in all the right places. Fucked my head UP! And yellow sundress, yellow sunflowers… lemon drops were a safe guess.” He finished. “You are trouble, sir. Trouble.” Brielle said. Sammi came and handed them their drinks and additional staff set food on two long tables. Then Chou entered with multiple bags of shoe boxes. He set them next to Brielle and said, “Euro size 38.” Brielle looking confused, replied “Um yeah, how did you know? Wait, what?” Chou said “It’s my job to know, gorgeous. And Mr. Baldwin said anything you touched was to be rang and bagged.” Brielle looked at Zac with lowered eyes and said “Sir”. Chou, Sammi and the other staff left them on the terrace. Zac approached Brielle with his soul piercing dark eyes. She chugged both of her lemon drops. “Mr. Baldwin” Brielle mocked. “Who are you? “I’m Mr. Right. R-I-G-H-T.” He replied, taking Brielle into his arms and kissing her passionately. She instantly closed her eyes and melted like butter on a Florida street in the summer. Everything in her told her she needed to pull away but that everything slowly begins to leak out of her body into the tiny seat of her thong. This man had her blood flowing and pressure rising as he kissed all over her upper body while lowering her back on to the outdoor lounge sofa they were sitting on. He took her right breast and planted soft kisses on it before taking his tongue and licking in a circular motion around the areola and nipple. Then he cupped and softly squeezed her breast and sucked it whole while massaging it. Brielle cried out as bolts of pleasure shot through her body. Zac moved to repeat the same assault on her left breast, while taking the lower part of Brielle’s body, positioning her fully on the lounger with her legs open, propped up with her knees bent and his body between them. While slowly raising her sundress, he kissed each area being exposed as he lifted the dress. At the sight of her drenched panties, he wanted to plunge into her. But, as good as she looked to him, he knew she would taste even better. So, he lowered himself until he was face to face with her pussy. He put his nose to it and inhaled the aromatic scent of her sweet juices. He pulled her panties to the side to reveal her bald treasure. “Damn. She smells like fruit, and pretty af.” He said out loud. And without warning, he pressed his tongue against her pussy and licked it from the bottom to the top and back to the bottom, sticking his tongue inside her. Brielle tilted her head back, arched her back and yelled “oh shiiiiiiit.” Zac danced between sucking and licking her clitoris, to tongue fucking her opening and back up again. “Oh. My. Gawd!” Brielle panted. “Zac, Zac, wait, wai, wai, wai, wait.” Zac pulled back and asked, “do you want me to stop?” Brielle opened her eyes, breathing heavily, she looked down at him said “bruh, the fuck you doing? No, don’t stop.” And she pushed his head back down, entangling her hands in his locs and gripping a handful. Zac took his pointer and middle fingers on his left hand spread her lips wide and then continued his oral assault on Brielle’s pussy like no one ever has. “You taste so fucking good, Brielle.” He told her. He took the pointer and middle fingers of his right hand, stuck and curved them into Brielle. With a quick circular rotation, he then removed them and placed them in Brielle’s mouth. She licked and sucked her juices off his fingers and asked “mmmmmm, that’s me” as she rolled her tongue around his fingers getting every bit. “Fuuuuuuuck” he said softly, as he looked deeply and hungrily into her eyes. “Yo, fuck that.” Lowering his shorts, he relieved himself, all 9 inches of him in its thick, long, and curved glory! Covered in veins and beautifully brown. Brielle knew at this moment her whole world was about to be fucked up! He stared at her as he prepared to enter her. She stared back. Passionately engulfed and staring into the deepest parts of each other’s souls, Zac placed the head of his dick at her opening. “Fuck! You wet as fuck, Lil Mama!” Zac said and entered her full throttle. Bursts of ecstasy shot throughout Brielle’s body, and at the same time, they both melted into each other and yelled out “ssssshiiiiiiiiiiiit.” As Zac slowly pushed and pulled in and out of her, hitting her so deep she felt it in her stomach, still staring into each other’s eyes, she heard the calling of her name, “Bre, Bre, Brielle baby.” But Zac’s lips were not moving. “I got the twins and took them to my moms for her to keep them. I went to Whole Foods to find you and invite you out to dinner. I saw you. I followed you, baby.” Spencer cried. “Oh my God! Call 911.” the voice of a woman yelled. Zac and Brielle hopped up to see Spencer standing at the entrance of the terrace covered in blood. “Spence, what the fuck, Spence!” Brielle yelled and went to leap toward him. Standing naked from the waist down, dick hanging and swanging, Zac grabbed and embraced her. As Spencer stood stabbing himself in the right side of his chest, staring at Zac and Brielle, he continued calling out to her “Bre. Bre baby. You killing me.” With a tear streamed face, Brielle watched in slow motion as his body dropped leaking blood, continuing to call her “Breeeee. Breee.” Then a woman said “Brielle, darling, are you with us” “He asked what will it take to make you happy. Why don’t you explain to him what that looks like.” Tami said. Brielle shook her head and looked around the room surrounded with the grey walls. She looked at her husband with sorrow filled eyes. Then she looked at Tami, their therapist, with glowing bright lightly tanned skin and a warm smile, gazing at Brielle with hypnotizing, hope filled hazel eyes with a slight green tint. Brielle looked at the sign on the bookshelf again and read the words “you’re in a safe place to spill the tea”. Brielle thought to herself “ha”. She knew she could never say what she really wanted to say to Spencer. She knew if she poured that tea in his lap, it would burn him to his core. She thought of how much that would hurt him. How those words would kill him. How the life of their twin girls who adored their father would be forever changed. So, instead, Brielle turned to her husband, grabbed his hands and for the fifty-leventh time explained to him what she needs to be happy.

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