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Short Story Sunday

Sunday, 11/29/20, Hopeful Heartbreakers hosted their first ever Short Story Sunday. Although all of the stories were winners in their own way, the judges chose the three entries listed below. Keep scrolling to read these aspiring author's stories. Hopefully these ladies will be added to our favorite authors list soon.

1st place - Tasha Hampton-Murden

Choosy Lover

“Choose! You got me fucked up if you think I’m gone sit around and play sleep at the wheel while you run off with the next nigga. I’m willing to die about this shit, I’m willing to kill over you,” Bando voice rumbled with anger from beating his chest with the fist of his left hand, while the thumb and index finger from his right hand curled itching to pull the trigger. The pain settled in his chestnut eyes a look that even he couldn’t recognize as he stared at his wife of five long years. Five years married, sixteen years together, and he never thought he would see the day she couldn’t choose between him and someone else. No matter what, they always chose one another over any and everyone, but now he wasn’t so sure that same loyalty remained. He could smell another man’s scent all over her, a scent that burned his nostrils like a drug being forced into his system. His heart didn’t want to believe the sight in front of him, but the truth stood right in front of his face. The pain that stabbed him in the heart was unbearable, at that moment Bando had no choice but to accept that he was sharing his wife with another man, and deep down in a place, he refused to acknowledge he knew a part of her loved him. But, was it more than the love that she devoted for so many years to him? That was the question that needed to be answered but he was too afraid to receive the answer.

Slowly, removing his eyes off of her Bando turned his attention back to the man in front of him. Took stood with his chest poked out showing no ounce of fear. To him, it was whatever it was, showing Bando fear was the last thing he would do. They both bled the same blood in Took’s eyes. Just like Bando’s finger curled the trigger, so did his. The moment Bando rushed into the room with the chrome beretta in his hands Took pulled out his, he would never be caught slipping without it. He knew the type of man Bando was and it was only a matter of time before their choices lead them all here. It wasn’t a nigga alive Bando hated more than Took, running his free hand over his face he asked his enemy one question, “Say, my nigga, ARE YOU? Are you willing to pull that trigger you holding over her? Are you willing to take this bullet dead to the fucking head? Are you ready to leave everybody and everything behind for this? Cause I’m with all that shit, I’m ready for all that shit, so my nigga my question is are you? No nigga taking what’s mine from me, unless I’m dead and gone. Since a little nigga in the streets with none to eat she been mine. You crazy as a motherfucker if you think I’m letting her go, letting what we got go. I been told Winnie I’ll die about her and I mean that shit. That’s me the other half of me it’s only one way I’m leaving out this motherfucker without her.”

Winnie could feel the anxiety take over her body, she trembled while clutching the white sheet over her slim thick frame. There she was at 3:34 in the morning standing in the middle of the hotel suite with nothing but a bedsheet wrapped around her naked body. Two men who shared her heart were staring at one another with so much animosity, you could feel the hate seeping out of their pores, the rage that was building was now tipping towards explosion. Two men, two guns, both hands curling their triggers, and only one woman. They were so different, yet when it came to Winnie they were the same. Just men who were in love with a woman, that neither wanted to let go of or live without. One loving her most of his life, since he was a teenager, loved her so much he made her his wife giving her the only thing his father ever gave him, his last name. The other she took by storm coming into his city, giving him something he never had, making him love her like she was his while belonging to another.

Both men knew why she had the other, both men felt they were the better choice, both wanting her to decide at this very moment. Someone was going to die tonight if she didn’t choose wisely. Winnie knew in her heart that neither man would let the other walk out alive. It wasn’t in them to live looking over their shoulders every day.