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SET Them Free

Set Mitchell was the oldest of three--three boys, now men, who survived their abusive past at the hands of their father, a retired policeman. Although their father was now suffering from Alzheimer’s and incapable from causing any further damage, the boys were left traumatized and had lifelong effects of the abuse they endured as children.

All of the men, Set, Jah, and Shu, although abused, ended up overcoming their trauma, but Set was the oldest. Set, like any older brother, carried his brothers on his back. He was a protector. But unfortunately, he was unable to protect his brothers from their father’s wrath and because of that, he carried the guilt with him daily.

Set’s coping mechanism was fighting. He fought anyone at any time and made a career out of it.

His aggression could be deadly; that is, until he met Kareema. Then, his aggression turned into passion. He passionately adored Kareema because she loved him in spite of all of his flaws. She loved his roughness, the growl in his voice, the aggressive way he loved her, and the person he had become because of his abuse. That was the key that unlocked his heart--the thing that Set hated most about himself, she loved. That is what set him free.

In this three-part series, there are three men who overcame it all, but Set, the oldest of the crew, set the bar. Despite his traumatic experiences, he was able to be a lover, provider, and protector of his woman, but most importantly, he was able to be an example to his brothers. They didn’t have that growing up. All they saw was abuse and pain. But through Set, Jah and Shu were able to learn that they could successfully move on from their past. Set taught them that they can love. They can live. And they could be set free.

Until Next Time,

Stay Hopeful, Heartbreakers

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