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Review on To Protect and Slay by Wynta Tyme

I had the privilege of receiving an ARC of Wynta Tyme’s upcoming book, To Protect and Slay. This novella did not disappoint. It was short, sweet and to the point. Wynta gave us insta-romance, crime fiction and showed us what true forgiveness means in order to move on and love again; all in 84 pages.

Fuego Delgado is a 35-year-old single father who's a campus police officer. He's also a single parent to a 3-year-old. Fuego is definitely book bae material! He's Afro Latino and looks like Dave East.

Then there's 32-year-old, Modesty Brand. Modesty is one bad mamma jamma! By day, she works for her family's weapon company and does makeup by night. I loved that as a woman, Modesty could dismantle a gun with her eyes closed. She too is a single mother, which is one of the things she has in common with Fuego.

The two meet at a coffee shop, when Fuego falls for her simply by her fragrance. He approaches her and they instantly are smitten by one another. Another thing the two have in common is the dislike they have for their siblings. Modesty's twin brother, turned sister, took her baby daddy away from her while she was pregnant. Whereas, Fuego, who experiences a different persona when he consumes alcohol slept with his brother's girlfriend, which is how his son was conceived. His brother, Diego, although knowing Fuego's condition, just can't seem to forgive. Whew! Messy, right?!

Modesty's resentment towards her baby daddy and sister causes her to have walls up and it's Fuego's love and assurance to forgive that helps break through and break down those walls. “A woman is like a farm. When you nurture and take care of her, she gives you a life of abundance and happiness. I’m pouring into you, because for one I love you. Two, I know the moment you are fully healed, you will love and nurture me the same.”

This was my first read by Wynta, but definitely won't be my last. I thoroughly enjoyed this read. It was original and cute.

To Protect and Slay is slated to be release on March 1st. Make sure to add this one to your TBR list.

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