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Review on Here Comes the Sun by Bella Jay

This was a cute read by Bella Jay! There were a couple of tropes here, enemies to friends & friends to lovers. If those are your types of reads, then I highly recommend this book. Plus, it's super-duper short for those that need to meet their reading goals.

I think I called the heroine a heffa-heaux about fifty million times in my head. Bee just didn't think good things were for her but as a friend first, Mari wasn't with all that.

Speaking of Mari, he fits the description of Book Bae. Right out the gate, my boy wasn't for all that bullying Bee tried doing in school, and as adults he wasn't for her denying their happily ever after.

If y'all wondering if they got their HEA, I'm not telling cause y’all know I don't give spoilers (LOL). Just go read it for yourself.

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