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Recap of Our Clubhouse Event - A Conversation with Creatives: Men vs Women

Last night on Clubhouse we got to chop it up with a few of the heavy hitters in the literary world. Our panel authors were Blake Karrington, Tay Mo'Nae, Ty Marshall, K'wan, Shakela James and Latoya Nicole. All are experts in their own rights, so it was only right we hit them up to drop some gems on our group members.

Here are the topics that were discussed:

What gender do you feel is over-represented in the literary world? Why?

Which gender do you feel is more respected? Why?

Which gender is better at parenting while working on a book? Why?

Which gender has the most best sellers? Why do you think that is?

Female authors write love scenes & male authors write 'wham bam thank you ma'am quick scenes’, why do the styles differ?

Do y’all think engagement on social media & CH impact the sales?

Male authors feel quality over quantity, are they over thinking?

If you were able to tune in, you know that the dialogue was interesting to say the very least. These authors dropped knowledge all while adding comedic effect. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and cannot wait until our next Clubhouse event. Be sure to check out the authors from our panel catalog on Amazon.

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