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October's New Releases

Here is a list of books that were released in October. Be sure to check them out and leave a review. If you would like to be added to our list of new releases please email the cover of your book and your Amazon link to

Sins of a Saint (Crowne Legacy Book 2) by Sherelle Green


Seven Minutes of Christmas Magic : An Enemies to Lovers Romance (In the Cards Book 2) by K.L. Brady


Cashmere Dreams and Cocaine Nightmares: A Kingpin Love Affair by Queen K


The Rebound by Kierra Walker


Last Stop from Innocence by Takerra Allen


1+1=3: Ash & Pat by Nako


Checkmate 2 by Latoya Nicole


After the Fire (The Shorts Book 10) by Nia Forrestor


Snapped (The Playbook Book 4) by Alexa Martin


The Bakery: Dough or Dope by I Elaine Jenkins


Mean Tucker: The Bully 2 by Edwina Fort


The Interlude by BriAnn Danae


Love Me Right by Courtney Irving


FYI, I Cheat Back! by B. M. Hardin


Hearts in the Distance by Cherish Amore


The Law of Attraction (The Montgomery Girls Book 2)


Suck Me Slow by Mel Dau


Tales from the 943: Rise of an Empire by Kaylyn


The Wrong Wicker (Boos & Booze Book 2) by AshleyNicole


Fall Knee-Deep In It by Monica Walters


The Ladies of D-Block 3 by Sa'id Salaam


Sisters: The Peyton Sisters Part 1 by Lakisha Nicole


Take You Down (Fire & Desire Book 2) by D. Rose


The Expert Witness by Marvin Mason


The Perfect Hood Love by Queen K


Selfish About You: Lessons In Love Book 3 by Genesis Woods


Taboo - A Halloween Erotic Short by Fatima Munroe


Love Come Back to me by Kiara Neufville


The Heart of a Savage by Skye Moon


Red: A Ganton Hills Novella by Aubree Pynn


Sanctuary: A Noire Immortals Story by Alexandria House


She Ain't Never Met Another N*gga Like Me by Jahquel J.


Now Playing: Reel Love by B. Love


Tammi, Cam, and Meek: A Scandalous Love Affair by Natisha Raynor


Boss'd Up With A Billionaire 3: The Finale by Jade Jones


Don't Love Without Me by Tucora Monique


Complications of a Sneaky Link: A "Still Love" Novella by Deshon Dreamz


You're the Best Part by Chenell Parker


The Stroke of Midnight (Boos & Booze Book 3) by Diana W.


Secretly Obsessed by Kelsey Blue


Vampire Whore by Adenike B. Lucas


Steel Roses Bleed Too by Tisha Andrews


Envy Me by Ladii Nesha


Never Say Never: Don't Judge a Book by its Cover by Keshawn Don'El


Still Ain't None of Your Friends Business (A Saint Mountains Love Story 2) by DeeAnn


On Us 3 by Nina


If It's Meant To Be: Love Shouldn't Hurt by Khatari


Costume Cutty (Boos & Booze Book 1) by Chenecia C. Higgins


Unforseen Haze by Che Moon


Trap Commandments: Intention by K.C. Mills


Don't Let Go (Free Your Mind Book 1) by Chelle Ramsey


Violating the Love of a Savage by Sherri Marie


Cali Dreamin' 2: A West Coast Love Story by Shaunn Aryande


Wide Open by Ashantay Keys


Swingin' (Miya Book 1) by Moon Bey


A Deadly Halloween Love by DeeAnn and Nikqua


Trickin' Is A Treat by BriAnn Danae


Loved by a Beast by Latoya Nicole


Melody to his Heart: Love's 2nd Verse by Ash Ley


In True Thug Fashion 3 by Jessica Watkins


Bullets and Beasts: A Paranormal Crossover Novella by Jade Royal


Leaky Faucet 3: First to Die, Rests Longer by N.E. Nugent


Savage Fever: Episode 2 by Phoenix Ash


Silent Cry by T. Writez


Promise to Love You by Brii Taylor


Your Love is My Lifeline: A Novella by Britt Joni


Brewing Storm by D. Rose


Eerie Obsession by T. Key


Halloween Spice (Boos & Booze Book 4) by Turtleberry


Hate to Love You: Short Story Collection by Kelsey Green, Kimmie Ferrel, Candice Johnson and Sabrina B. Scales


Ameer (The Brothers Ali Book 5) by Celeste Granger


Love Me, Yours Truly by A. Marie Johnson


Mind Control by Dakota Layne


Love On the Brain: An Urban Paranormal by Natavia


Still Ain't None of Your Friends Business (A Saint Mountains Love Story 2) by DeeAnn


Gangsta Lovin': A Ganton Hills Novella by Aubree Pynn


Loving Man by Bailey West


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