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Needful Noor's Case File

In May of this year, Takerra Allen dropped her highly anticipated mega novel, Needful Noor. Because of the length of the book, it took me a few weeks to wrap my mind around reading it. If we're being honest, 840 pages can be a bit intimidating. But with TA being one of my top five authors of all time, I knew it was something I would have come to terms with sooner rather than later. Typically when I read a book there's always notes and highlights. You never know what details a book may have that you may want to use for a book list later. And if the book really gets my creativity going, there's typically some sort of blog content that'll surround it. Unexpectedly, I found myself with pages and pages of notes. I told my friends this must be what a therapist feels like when they get a patient with a ton of issues. Noor was layered, so my initial assessment of her was, nothing is as it appears. And if I'm being honest, that's what typically comes with a TA read. The more I read, the more scribbling I did, and it felt as if I was creating a case file of some sort. So, I decided to share my scribblings with you and take you on the journey with me through the pages of Needful Noor. But I must warn you, there are spoilers, so if that isn't your thing, come back when you've finished reading. Also, don't criticize my chicken scratch handwriting. I have one of those paper feel screen protectors and writing on it is therapeutic. I hope you enjoy! 💜


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