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National Hobby Month Recommendations

January is National Hobby month. We've compiled a short list of books that contained characters with hobbies. Check them out and let us know what you think.

Casper - Loves to draw

Casper wasn't a main character, but he had a big impact on this story. He was Sanniyah's son, the female lead, and he loved to draw. So much so, that when his mother came across some extra money, she went to an art supply store to get him some supplies. A very imperative scene in this story.


Tori and Ashton - Love to Cook

Both main characters in this story loved to cook. They didn't start the series off that way, mainly because they were teenagers, but both characters evolved into chefs. They even had a cook-off.


Tatum - Loves to gamble

Gambling can be a good or bad thing. For Tatum, they were kind of both in this story. She was a sports journalist betting on the same games she was reporting on. Even though gambling got her in a bit of trouble, her night in shining armor made it all worth it.


Remi and Nash - Love to play basketball

These characters love to ball. They meet up a few times in the story to hoop it up. The girls all gather to watch, making themselves unofficial cheerleaders.


Evie - Loves to read

Readers love to read books where the characters are avid readers like themselves. Evie is the perfect example of that. She has a library full of romance novels and I just love to see it!!

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