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More Than You'll Ever Know by Chelsea Maria Book Review

Reading a Chelsea Maria book is almost like watching a tv show or a movie. More Than You'll Ever Know was witty, endearing, and romantic. It's multifaceted and can't be confined to one genre. This book touched on real life, it was funny, had a little crime fiction, had two bomb girl bosses as the main characters, touched on forgiveness and was sprinkled with a few messages from The Good Lord.

Choyce "Peaches" Tyrell is a hilariously outspoken woman that's been in a bad relationship or two. With her half platinum half black hair and stacked body, sis can probably have just about any man she wants. Due to her busy life and schedule, she only keeps her trusty booty call buddy, Rodney Hubanks, around. But after a petty prayer and a run in with the law, all that changes. "Dear OG God, this is your girl Choyce a.k.a. Peaches on the ones and twos. You know my knees. I need you to deliver me from the stiff knee syndrome. Meg and these other fast girls out here can't be the only ones to drop it and pick it back up when 'Tippie Toes' is played. I'm not asking for much, Lord, just your will. Cause when I ask for specifics, apparently, I miss a few things. You sent Allen and I know damn... I mean darn well I ain't come from his rib. So, I'm praying for your best. Not my best, but your best. I don't want what I think is my best because I know I will miss something important. However, I want him to have Rick Ross beard and tall like Lebron, but not the hairline. I rebuke that in the name of Jesus and all your angels. A little rugged edge but loves his granny. All those romantic desires you've placed in my heart. That special man that my sister and her friends think come from a fairytale; I'll continue to pray for that man to appear. Love you like a fat kid loves Little Debbie Cakes. Amen." From her mouth to God's ears, then enters Khiry.

Khiry Washington is a divorcee that has pretty much given up on love. After a failed marriage and a few pointless dates, he just feels it's not in the cards for him. But after a run in with a Zebra, "Did this fool just call me a damn zebra?", those thoughts and feelings are instantly discarded. "Choyce's beauty was a beauty that only she could claim. From the colored hair to her long lashes to her button nose. Her plump lips were becoming my favorite thing to look at." A relationship that was supposed to be fake ends up blossoming into something real.

The level of comedy in this book was paramount. "I gotta go, Rodney. I'll call you back. My Squirrel is barking. She's hungry and needs to be taken for a walk. Can't have PETA called on me." The gems that were dropped in this story is unmatched. "Every day I live my life like today is my last day. My last hour. My last minutes. My last seconds. Taking risks, I never imagined. Putting my heart on the line just to say I breathed deep enough within myself to place all bets on me. Everyday I'm a work in in progress and I find love in that. Find gratitude in the smallest blessings." Chelsea hints at possibly giving us a follow up story on Chance, Choyce's twin sister, and her relationship. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it comes to fruition.

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