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Mini Book Review on Home Before Midnight by Brookelyn Mosley

Spending the new year together is Jah and Eva's thing. Sort of a tradition. How does the old saying go? How you bring in the new year is how you spend it, and they took that phrase literally. "'My wife and I have never spent a New Year apart.' I used my hands to emphasize my point. 'It's kind of our thing. Our tradition. Kiss at midnight to ensure we spend New Year's Eve in the new year together doing the same thing.'" After almost throwing in the towel on their marriage a few years ago, their relationship was kind of dependent on this tradition. But inclement weather conditions threaten to ruin everything. That is until, Jah gets some very adult-like advice from his eight year old son, J.R. Instead of a Christmas miracle, readers get to experience a New Year’s Eve miracle that's sure to warm any romantic's heart. "He forced me to set aside my pride and to step out of my comfort zone by reminding me not to assume and to always be sure."

This story was short and cute. A must read for anyone that's a hopeless romantic. Although this read is short, Brookelyn made sure to throw in a few steamy scenes. This story is a follow up to Home for Christmas but doesn't need to be read to enjoy this story. So, add it to your TBR.

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