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Love Hate and Everything in Between: 7 Shorts


7 short stories, 7 couples, 7 dramas and if you know Kay, then you know it's full of 7 freaky sex scenes. 

For this to be her first book, I was really impressed.  Below, I broke down each chapter: 

My Homie's Girl

"A shoulder to cry on his later a dick to ride on."  Ain't that how the saying goes?!  Whew!  And that's exactly what happened when Sage turned to Brees to confide on when things went sour with her man, Zane.

2 Things Aren't Always What They Seem

Imagine being married for two years and finding out your husband had a one night stand with your "best friend" BEFORE y'all knew each other or got married.   It all came to light when Harper confided to her friends, Kenzie and Cybil, that Grayson was creeping with Raquel.  When Harper confronted them, she learned Gray wasn't a cheater but he did fuck Kenzie.  She also learned Kenzie wasn't over him.  Chile, the audacity and messiness of it all.

Love Doesn't Hurt

Okay, so you go on a trip with your girls and after they ditch you for some guys, you meet one and spend the next two days vibing.  Fast forward to 2 years later and your abusive boyfriend says y'all going on a double date.   Only thing is, the guy didn't bring a date AND he's the guy you slept with on vacation.  He's also the man that saves you from your abuser.

Best Friends

Your fathers are best friends and your mothers' are best friends too.  So, it isn't surprising that you become best friends, that is until you can no longer deny the inevitable attraction you have for one another.  Kaden & Reign go from friends to lovers to engaged in this cute love story.


What happens when it's the female that can't commit because she has daddy issues?  Omari has been "involved" with Simone for two years but she refuses to take it any further.  She feels her mother's outcome will be hers.  Omari's at his wit's end and done with the games and Simone doesn't realize she's in love until she realizes she pregnant by him.

Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number

Coco is 39 and her luck in the love department isn't so good.  One night, she decided to hit the club with her 2 besties and runs into Malcolm, who she had bumped into at her condo.  After the club, she invites him over to her spot and they stay holed up for 5 days, learning and making love.  On the 5thbday, he proposes.  Talk about a young nigga that knows what he wants!

Time Table

What was supposed to be a night of hanging with friends and play games ends up being the night Janelle meets her husband, Isaiah's, ex play thang, Tiana.  What he failed to tell her was that he was fooling with them both before they became official.  After becoming official with Janelle, Isaiah blocked Tiana from being able to communicate with him, which resulted in her not being able to tell him he was her son's father.  This one was M-E-S-S-Y!

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