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It's All in the Name: Daddy's Gurlz

Daddy's Gurlz takes us through the journey of three sisters navigating through life after the loss of their beloved mother, struggling to be what their father aspires for them, and finding love.  With unique names like Uzi, Benelli and Nyne, I've decided to see if their personalities were comparable to the guns they were named after.

Uzi- Invented in the 1940's, the uzi was a well-designed, reliable submachine gun.  It had universal appeal and is a favorite among most.  This is so true about Uzi Diaz, the oldest sister.  She's reliable as fuck and her daddy's pick to take over the family organization.  She's her sisters' favorite as well, even if Benelli hates to admit it.  As for appeal, even James Brown can see her beauty hidden behind her hard exterior. She isn't checking for any of them, until she meets Loco.  They're a match made in Heaven, only problem is their families hate each other.

Benelli -  Invented in 1967, Benellis are great for precision hunting. That resonates so well with Wesson's - that's right, their daddy's named after a gun too - second born, Benelli Diaz's dating life.  She's the wildest of the three sisters.  With the mind set comparable to a man's, she's definitely a man hunter and living her best life....  Until she finds out she's sleeping with an undercover police officer who's looking to lock up everyone that she loves.

Nyne - Created in 1901, this pistol became a favorite because of its size.  It's compacted but has a large magazine capacity.  This description fits Nyne Diaz, the youngest of the clan.  There's so much more to her than being a part of the organization her family has built.  Unlike her sisters, she wants to attend college and become a nurse.  She's also more of a lover than a fighter, however, when you're naïve, it can be  disastrous.  Especially, when you're pregnant by a fuck boy.

This was great read for me.  It was fast paced and had enough drama to keep me engaged.  If you'd like to read more of the series, below are the links:

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Unknown member
Mar 01, 2023

Diamond Johnson did her thang with this series!

Unknown member
Mar 01, 2023
Replying to

Yes I do! Very spot on. These Girlz definitely lived up to their names.

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