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Interview with K.C. Mills

Where did you get your love of books/storytelling/reading/writing/etc. come from?

KM: My literary journey began with writing YA books for my daughter. There wasn’t much representation for beautiful young black females when it came to YA literature that wasn’t heavy with cultural themes and tragedies. We all experience life. It’s inevitable however, as we’ve come to learn throughout the years many of us read as an escape. Sometimes we want the HEA funny, heart warming stories, that give us all the feels but also teach life lessons. I had those as a teen but those characters didn’t have faces that matched mine. I wanted something different for my daughter so I “created” something different. That was the inception of my writing journey which has blossomed and shifted over the years. I’m humbly grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to expose new layers and new versions of my creativity.

Any author(s) that you feel influenced your writing?

KM: I respect and admire an expansive list of authors, however I would have to saw my writing is more so influenced by life, life experiences, emotional bonds, relationships and familial connections.

Can you give us your favorite author(s)?

KM: I don’t necessarily have favorite authors because the list shifts and changes based on my need to fill my soul. Authors produce based on their creative inspiration so I move around to satisfy my literary palate. I can however share some of my staples. Each of the following I have read multiple times and will continue to do so becasue they speak to me in one way or another. These works always feel like home for me.

Takerra Allen - Devout Series and Last Stop to Innocence

Love Belvin - Love In Rhythm and Blues Series and Love Unaccounted Series

Christian C Jones - Ante Up

Dominique Thomas - Hold You Down Series

Alexandria House - McClain Brothers

B Love - Rule and Camryn

Is there a genre you haven't tried but would like to?

KM: I recently tried my hand at Paranormal/Fantasy but only skimmed the surface. I would love to dive deeper.

Erotica is a space I’d love to settle into as well.

How do you research for your books?

KM: This one is fun!

My search history is very interesting so if the alphabet boys show up one day and kick in my door looking for a drug dealing, serial killer who transports stolen weapons then I would not be surprised in the least!!!

I’m also not an author who outlines. I free write so a lot of my research happens in-project because I never know what my stories are or where they will take me. I sit, write and allow my mind to run wild. Because this is the case, I typically do a lot of “on the spot” research.

On the spot research for me, is done by enlisting the experts who can offer instant access. It helps me get right to the point and cuts down on lost time “searching”. I make a lot of calls to doctors, lawyers, clinics, hospitals, law enforcement units, publicist, stylist, local musicians. Pretty much anything you could possibly imagine when it comes to fact checking for stories. These professionals love to share their knowledge and when you start with “hey, I’m an author. I’m writing a book on (any topic). I was wondering if you could give me some insight” they’re usually all in. You’d be surprised how willing people are to share! People love talking about themselves *smile*

What is your work schedule like when you're writing?

KM: I write full-time so I treat it like a job. M-F 9-5 and I use the weekends to make up for missed time or if I feel inspired to go off script with a new idea. I do hour sprints throughout the day to break things up.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

KM: Block the outside noise. When you begin your journey the first book is always the most exciting and the easiest. It’s just you and your creativity. You’re driven and motivated by the ability to simply create. Once you’ve shared your gift with the world, the outside noise -critique and opinions - often stifles your creativity. Don’t let it!! Be you! Write what you feel. Write what you love.

Always have a reason why! Writing is mentally taxing, emotionally draining and just plain HARD WORK! Never forget the why! The why is rooted in your love for the craft!

Write the books and the right audience will find them. As long as you feel good about what you’ve created and have poured your heart and soul into it, the people who your creativity is meant for will show up! Never force a fit. You’ll fail every time.

Never allow anyone to silence your creative voice and learn to make peace with knowing that everything is not for everyone. Find your literary tribe.

Which one of your books is your favorite?

KM: This is always a hard question for me. It changes so often.

As of now I have two that are sharing the spotlight!

My current WIP - Shadows and Whispers

My all time Fave - When We

What are you working on now?

KM: Currently I’m juggling several projects for exclusive and indie releases. Up next I have:

Arranged Marriage Romance - Shadows and Whispers

R&B Singer Romance - Signature of You

Sports Romance - Untitled

Suspense romance - Innocent Intent

Where can readers find out more about you & your work?

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