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I knew the Perc was fake, but I still ate it cuz I'm a Gremlin

Usually, when I do write ups, I look at it from character’s perspective then give my two cents. However, after reading Super Gremlin, I had two fleeting thoughts; both of which will be discussed at the end of this write up.

We could've been superstars Remember when we was jackin' cars Now it's not safe for you You switched like a pussy, lil' bitch

Although these are the lyrics to a song by Kodak Black, the same could be said for Dro in Super Gremlin by Mercy B. At one point in time, Grim and Dro were cool; they grew up together and had big dreams of getting out of the hood one day. During their last drill together, they managed to come up on two kilos of coke and thirty thousand dollars, which would set them up for the future they both wanted. Unfortunately, Grim got caught and got five years’ time. He wasn’t sweatin’ it, though, because his homebody had his back…or so he thought.

When Grim got back home, he was expecting his portion of the money and his friend waiting on him. But that wasn’t what he got. So, Grim did what any true gangsta would do. He got it back in blood. I’m not gonna give all the details because then, you’d have no reason to read, but let’s just say everybody could get it.

He also got Tatiana, Dro’s girl, out of it. Tatiana was the loyal girlfriend of Dro. And although she was against seeing Grim at first because of his and Dro’s beef, she ultimately couldn’t resist him because not only was Dro a sorry friend, but he was a trash boyfriend too.

So, after reading, I kept thinking about which character I would write about. Which character was in the right and which character was in the wrong? Was Grim wrong for going after his ex-friend after spending five years in prison? Was Tati completely wrong for giving in to Grim, when Dro had done her wrong time and time again?

What do you think, Heartbreakers? How far would you go to settle a score with an ex-friend? Are exes always off limits, or are there exceptions to the rule?

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Unknown member
Jul 01, 2022

I would be on the same type of time as Grim if we hit a lick, I went & did the time for the both of us, and you don’t have my cut when I come home. Yea it’s definitely up!

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