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Hopeful Heartbreakers presents Freshman Class of 2021

Every year there's a person stepping out on faith and risking it all to become an author. Well, 2021 is no different. In our Facebook Book Club, we have four new authors. With new authors not always getting the shine they deserve, we decided to shine the spotlight on them and let our following know all about them and their work. Without further ado... We present to you Hopeful Heartbreakers Freshman Class of 2021!!

Author A. Monique was born and raised in East Chicago Indiana. She still currently resides in Indiana with her family. A. Monique discovered her love for books and good stories in all different genres at the age of thirteen, with a special interest in Urban Fiction; even writing some of her own short stories and poems. It wasn't until after beta reading and the encouragement of friends and family, that she discovered her own talent. A. Monique plans to continue penning stories that can relate to everyday life and experiences, while taking readers on a rollercoaster ride full of drama, excitement and emotions.


Chassilyn Hamilton is an author and entrepreneur. She has been an avid reader since she fell in love with African American fiction at twelve years old. When she's not reading or writing, Chassilyn loves crafting, perfecting her makeup skills, and traveling to tropical destinations. A Navy baby, she was born in Rota, Spain. Eventually, the Navy stationed her mother in Jacksonville, Florida, where Chassilyn remains with her husband and two children.