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  • Jas

Have Yourself a Naughty/Nasty Christmas

Big Dick Energy (BDE): /big·dik·enerjē/ n. when a man exudes a feeling of “fuck me now”.

The male characters of Naughty and Nasty had extreme cases of BDE. These men did not play when it came to their sex game. They... You know what? Nevermind, here’s a little sample. Bask in the BDE and see for yourself.


"Lowering my face between her legs, the soft scent of her musk made my mouth water. As my tongue connected with her swollen bulb, I knew that nothing in life would ever taste this sweet."

"I spread her thighs apart, sinking in with one hard thrust. She purred into my ear, pulling me further inside with her legs wrapped tight around my waist. I kissed her neck, then sucked it slow, shoving in and out of her body while her breasts smashed against my chest. She raised her hips to meet each stroke almost competitively, nails scraping my back harder with every throw. She was holding on for dear life, panting and moaning, damn near in tears. And I didn't give a damn about having mercy on that pussy. I was prepared to fuck her to death."