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Gluttony by Brookelyn Mosley is Now Available for Preorder!



Everett Peters is a gutsy retired boxer whose guileless gluttonous tendencies grow chronic as he battles guilt and grief following a gut-wrenching betrayal. Apryl Wilde is a tender-hearted celebrity personal trainer who thrives off temperance and is trying to rebuild her life after experiencing the betrayal of a traitorous pair she trusted and still has ties to. Failing in love was Apryl and Everett’s reality. Falling in love was the last thing either of them wanted to do again. But when Everett and Apryl cross paths, they quickly realize love is the change they both have been craving.

EVERETT PETERS “I was simply trying to escape an unpleasant situation when I returned home to New York City. I set my focus, the vision very clear - prepare for a special appearance that would help me start a brand new life post-retirement from boxing. Love was nowhere on the brain. Like… at all. It couldn’t be. I’d just experienced the worse betrayal of my life, something I couldn’t really be too upset over because I was once the villain in many other stories. But that didn’t make what happened to me hurt any less, and I believed that hurt was too dark to let love in. Love should not have ever found me again with where my head was at. But it did, through a woman named Apryl Wilde. And I can’t help but to feel like I have no choice but to fumble the bag to protect my future and my heart… and hers too.”

APRYL WILDE “I was simply trying to do my damn job and get my life back on track after being backstabbed by people I believed I could trust. The heartbreak I experienced was crushing. Cry every morning before I started my day, level of crushing. And what was worse was I couldn’t even move past it like any other failed relationship because one villain in my story still had ties to my career. So, when I agreed to do a favor concerning Everett Peters, I set my focus, the vision very clear - to help him reach his fitness goals while freeing myself from the shackles of my past. I expected nothing more, nothing less. And not to fall in love, that’s for damn sure! I mean… I’d been swimming - more like wading - in the dating pool, but I was just trying to get my feet wet. I wasn’t at all prepared to find love, much less get drunk off it. But here I was, looking Everett Peters in the eyes and seeing more than just my way out of career misery. I saw my future. But I think I’m way too guarded to let love in as I should… for good reason. And I’m not sure my heart can handle another disappointment.” Gluttony is likely the one sin most don’t consider a sin at all. And though it is associated with eating, this sin has less to do with consuming food and more to do with over-consuming and indulging in anything that leads to self-destruction. Can the virtuous beauty, who thrives off temperance, find it within herself to let her guard down to satiate the appetite of the gluttonous one with a dish best served from the heart, love?

Book releases January 27, 2023

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