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Funniest Moments from Saz in Loving on the King of Memphis Series by DeeAnn

Sazmen Moss is one the funniest characters I've read about in a while. He's mannish, he's crass and he's officially been added to my Book Bae list. He isn't your typical book bae, but he fits the kind of fictional men I like. His humor is what drew me to him. What makes him even more interesting is he's funny even when he's not trying to be. Over the course of this three book series readers got to see his character develop and grow, but one thing that remained consistent was his humor. This blog post is going to highlight some of his funniest moments. Keep scrolling you can see exactly why I love Saz. If you don't like spoilers, now would be the time to leave.


When book one start's, Saz is picking up his brother from being interrogated by the police.

"'About time they let yo ole light bright ass out! I thought I was gon' have to blow this son of a bitch up!' my brother, Saz exclaimed, dapping me up. 'Nigga, you would have killed me too!' I exclaimed. 'At least I would have got you out.' 'Then, I would have had to come haunt yo Black ass!' 'Betta haunt these nuts!' He laughed, grabbing his balls. I just laughed at his goofy ass and got in the car."


Saz and his brother, Brandon, both have the same dad. But Monica and Brandon both have the same mom. So that makes them kind of related, but for Saz, that means absolutely nothing. When Brandon announces that he needs to take Monica to her doctor's appointment, this was Saz's response.

"'I can take her. You know I'm her baby daddy, right? She just sacred to tell you how she be hoppin' on this pole every time a nigga come around.' He joked with a huge grin on his face while moving his hand up and down on his lap. I reached over and hit his ass in the chest."


Saz gets a phone call from his Pops and their conversation has to be the funniest father/son dialogue I've ever read.

"'Shut the the fuck up. What are you doin'?' Pop brushed me off with a question. 'Just finished poundin' Paisley's guts.' 'Sazmen!' Pai yelled and pulled the glass door open while grilling me. I winked and blew her a kiss. She kissed her teeth and slammed the door."


Saz and Paisley break up for bit and Brandon is trying to give Saz some good advice. But Saz is still a work in progress at this point in the story.

"'Her ass wouldn't be breathing. Y'all would be going to visit her gravesite with each nigga's dick she fucked laying there as a reminder of why her ass was dead in the first fuckin' place. I wish the fuck she would, man,' he barked with a deep frown.