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Finding 3 Things to Love about Jareem: A SuperPOWER

So, I’m not gon’ lie, reading about Jareem was a lot. There were times I literally had to stop reading Power because Jareem got on theeee last nerve I had. Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE toxic characters, but I think Jareem is the epitome of toxic — in every way possible. The easiest thing to do would be to write about everything I hated in him, but as a mental health professional, I always try to find the good in people, even if there is very little. So, I took this approach with Jareem’s crazy tail self as well.

1.) He loved his daughter.

I think the best part of Jareem was his daughter. The parts of the book that included her were so heart-wrenching, and they actually made me feel for him. These moments were the only times I felt like he was a real person with any true emotion. The scene where she was dying literally almost had me in tears. I felt so bad for him because it seemed like she was the only thing he really cared about. When the best part of him died (his daughter), the good parts of him died with her. It seemed like everything was downhill from there, like he really had nothing else to lose. “The only thing that kept my heart from turning into ice was dead and that meant no one was safe.”


2.) One thing about Jareem was that you never had to guess where he stood with you. Because he was fine as all get out—"six feet tall frame, caramel-toned skin with a swag that demanded attention”— you could only imagine all the gardening tools he was able to pull. But uhhh, him being able to nail you had nothing to do with being in a relationship or being tied down in any other way. But don’t worry, you wouldn’t have to guess for long because Jareem was the type to tell you straight up that he wasn’t having it. That’s what women want, right? Honesty? To be honest, after reading how brutal he could be with his honesty, I think I’d rather be lied to.

“I’m pregnant by you.”

“Bitch what? Are you out of your fucking mind?!”

“Fuck you Jareem! I tell you I’m fucking pregnant and your stupid ass slams me against a wall. You’re fucking sick!”

“Fuck that. You’re getting an abortion anyway if that shit mine.”

“Wow, so you’re gonna tell me to kill our child?”

“Ain’t no our.”

“You can’t make me get an abortion!”

“You either get a fuckin’ abortion, or I’ll make it go away myself. Now get out of my way.”


3.) This is so sad, but even though he was a horrible person, and despite all of the backhanded compliments you’ve read thus far, he probably would’ve made my book bae list because of his BDE. Sigh. I don’t have to say anymore...just read:

"'Turn that ass over.'My jeans and boxers dropped to the ground, and I stroked my manhood. She tooted her ass up for me, and I licked my lips while putting on a condom.

Samira cried out in ecstasy as I roughly entered her the way she loved. 'Ahh fuck, yes! Yes, daddy fuck me!'

'Shut the fuck up and take this shit, 'I commanded, gripping the back of her neck and pushing her face into the mattress. She growled, and I picked up my pace.