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Book Review on Devout & Devout Too by Takerra Allen

When our book whisperer suggests a book, we know we won't be disappointed & when the book is actually written by Takerra Allen then we know for a fact that we won't be let down.

Devout & Devout Too was a beautifully written love story that was never supposed to be. If there was ever a narrative that embodies true passion, obsession and love-crazed intensity, this for sure is it.

Denaché Graham & Neeka were the epitome of unconditional love and even when it's wrong, Takerra's writing just makes you feel that it's right. She makes you root for them along the way. For the sake of love, these two souls naturally persevere.

I won't give away any spoilers, just read the book & fall in love with 2 fools that are absolutely crazy in love. “Rationality, described in rational choice theory is different from most philosophical uses of the word. So typically, rational means sane, to make a sane choice. However, in rational choice theory, the individual makes a choice balancing costs or losses, against benefits and the decision maximizes personal advantage, only ones that are relatable or beneficial to that individual. So in the end, all decisions, whether crazy or sane, are looked at as rational.”

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