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Crushing On The Plug Next Door - Let's play Which Sister Do You Relate to the Most!

Sisters and best friends, Yola and Anya are the total opposite of each other. Yola is the loud mouth, outgoing, energetic, and sassy sister with a quick wit like no other. She’s on her get money, eff these men trip, all while being a hairstylist, a social media influencer, and a businesswoman. However, her world gets flipped and reversed when a paid club appearance lands her a chance meeting with an outspoken man who matches her energy. The hottest upcoming interior designer in the Central Florida area, Anya is an introvert by choice, focusing on her career and loving on her fur baby. After being betrayed in one of the worst ways, a relationship of any kind is not on her radar until an impromptu trip gives her an unexpected opportunity to open up new doors—maybe even her mind and heart. Will Anya finally let her past go and embrace the new endeavors presented to her? Similar to the sisters, brothers and best friends Dro and Xan are the total opposites but definitely have each other’s back. Learning the business at a young age, Dro’s no nonsense mentality helps him secure his position as the plug. Of course, he has women falling over themselves for a chance to be with him. He is playing the field until a feisty, smart-mouth woman piques his interest. Personally, Xan is more chilled and laid back and has only a short list of people that he deals with. Professionally, he is a beast in the courtroom, putting his mark on the legal world as a top-tier defense attorney. When an incident at a dog park lands him in hot water with a neighbor, his eyes like what they see and his heart knows its new owner. Will he get a second chance to make a good impression? They say that opposites attract. But what happens when the person you attract carries the same energy and vibe as you? Cruise the state of Florida with Yola, Anya, Xan, and Dro and follow their antics to witness a beautiful disaster or a dangerous nightmare when identical energies collide in Crushing On The Plug Next Door.

Take the quiz below to see which sister you relate to most; Yola or Anya.

Do you like your man?

  • 0%Logical

  • 0%Toxic

After the break up which is it?

  • 0%Fuck these ninjas

  • 0%Use them for their dollars

Which do you do at the beginning of a relationship?

  • 0%Take your time

  • 0%Move fast

Which are you when dating?

  • 0%One man kinda woman

  • 0% Dating multiple till you pick the one

Which are you at the club?

  • 0%Hype man

  • 0%Main show


If 3 or more of your answers are A, you're more like Anya, the level headed sister. If 3 or more of your answers are B, you're more like Yola's wild ass.

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