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Character Development Resources - Free Resources to Help You Pen the Perfect Character

Just about every reader loves to read about a layered character. A character that's multidimensional, causing readers to possibly go from loving them to hating them, or vice versa. But most importantly, readers love when they can see the growth in characters. Roughly 50% of the negative reviews I see on Amazon cite "there was no growth in these characters". If you're an author that's looking to improve on this, then you've come to the right place, and we're here to help. All the resources in this blog post were found on Google and 100% free. I'm putting the ones I thought would be helpful, here in one place. Let us know if you've found any of this information helpful and which ones you're going to utilize.


This questionnaire is provided by the Novel Factory If you're looking to make your characters as realistic as possible, then this character development sheet is perfect for you. I've turned it into a Word document for easy use.

Download DOCX • 17KB


Self Publishing School has a really good article noting character development, along with 12 tips to help grow your story. I've turned the questions from it into a Word document for easy use.

Character development questions
Download DOCX • 16KB


If writing stuff out is your thing, or if you know how to edit PDFs, has this cool PDF that you can use to work up your characters.

Download PDF • 642KB

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