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Books With Great Dads

In honor of Father's Day, I have compiled a list of characters that I think are great dads. Keep in mind that this is only my opinion, you may not necessarily agree with my picks. Also, this list isn't in any particular order. If you haven't already, get in to the books and don't forget to leave a review. Disclaimer: This post does contain spoilers. If you don't like them you may not want to read.


Bam is a fairly new dad, but a great one nonetheless. The way he interacts with his twins is swoon worthy. The twins aren't even one and already have him wrapped around their little fingers. He even gave them cute little nickname and has Cassie jealous of his relationship with them.



Dice is far from a traditional dad, but I feel given his circumstances, he's an awesome one. I felt his bond with his sons were cool, but when he finds out about his daughter, that completely changes his perspective on parenting and inspires him to be better. By the end of season three Dice and his parenting skills were something to be admired.


Big South

Big South had a crazy ass baby momma! She even influenced her daughter to start acting crazy too. But Big South never let that stop him from being a good dad. He was even a great step dad. He should definitely get an extra special Father's Day gift.



Knight actually didn't become a dad until the book Saving All My Love for You dropped, but he was an acting father for his little sister Harlem. If you know anything about Harlem, you know being a father figure in her life was no easy feat. He even convinced their dad to come back and try to be a good dad again.



Zino is like one of the most misunderstood characters I've ever read about. His intentions were always pure, but sometimes he had a hard time of conveying that. One thing that was never misunderstood was how great of a father he was. Not only was he a great dad, but he was a great provider as well.



Ghost was literally one of the best character dads I've ever read! When he found out that Freedom's twins were his he immediately jumped in to action to make up for all the time missed. He even made sure that his other daughter had a great relationship with siblings that she barely knew. And concerning his one daughter that died, he never let her memory or the love he had for her wither away.



Malachi's kids are some of the sweetest fictional kids you ever want to read about. I would have to give him credit for their personalities because their mom's personality was very questionable. What I admired the most about him was, even though his house was just about empty, the kids rooms were the only two rooms that actually looked lived in. He cared more about them then he did himself. He was the perfect thug dad!



Adrian started out as a fill-in dad for his brothers. The Pierce men may have been a lot of things, but unsuccessful wasn't one of them. Even with all of their shady dealings, Adrian made sure that they were knowledgeable about legit businesses as well. Then when it came to his own kids he was just as good. He even had the honor of raising another man's kid as his own.



Isaak's parenting skills had been questionable from the start but throughout the course of three book series he somehow morphed into a super-dad. Being a celebrity father to three children by two different women had proven to be no easy feat, but behind every good man is an even greater woman. Kennedi Armstrong helped Isaak become one of the st dads I've ever read about. The time and energy she poured into his children seemed to highlight the areas in which he lacked as a father. He found himself both ashamed and inspired at the very same time. While his love for his children could never be denied, Isaak evolved from a man who simply provided to a full-time dad, wholly invested in his kids.

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