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Books to Try by Nikqua

Proofreading has really broadened my horizons. I've been reading books by authors I may have never found on my own. This year I was introduced to a hidden gem, an author named Niqua. I've only read four books by her, but the four that I've read I enjoyed. Here's a list of books I've checked out and I think you should as well.

Tamar and Gracious were like a modern-day Thelma and Louise. One friend was going through a breakup and the other was dealing with family issues, both needing to get away. They head to Las Vegas and meet brothers, Nigel and Dezmond, not knowing that meeting them would change their lives. What was meant for good, ultimately turned out to be bad. The girls think they have it all figured out, but life shows them, they don't.


The heirs of book one get their time to shine. Same drama, different gangstas. NJ and Dora are cousins that have picked up where their dads have left off. Things seem to be going well, until they both meet love interests. Once secrets are revealed and the drama unfolds, this story turns in to one I just couldn't put down.


Anyone that knows me knows how much I love a story that involves strippers. Nova has a corporate job, but she loves stripping. Something about it makes her feel good. Because she is a stripper, Amarje stereotypes her as a hoe, because that's what he thinks all strippers are. Nova's best friend Ker'rah is a bartender at the strip club that's looking for a good time. She meets a guy at the strip club that gives her that and so much more. After an attempt on Nova's life, secrets are revealed, and these characters get to see each other for who they truly are. This book was a five-star read for me.