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Book Review on Write Your Name by Courtney Irving

Write Your Name is a love story filled with so much tragedy and heartbreak, you find yourself rooting for all the characters, just so they don't have to hurt anymore. It's a forbidden romance that you have no choice but to hope that love prevails. The characters are broken and in need of healing, but like any other love story, love conquers all. Even though this book is a romance book, there's still a splash of ghetto and gangsta shit mixed in there, and I loved every minute of it. "I don't do love. I can't give you my heart because that shit doesn't even beat in my chest for anyone. The only way I can make you feel good is through your body. That's all I got in me. Can you stand here in front of me saying you're good with that?"

Sunny is a woman that's fed up. She thought Tristan was the love of her life. Even after all of the cheating, she just knew that somehow, someway he would get it together. Her thoughts quickly changed after an altercation where he ends up hitting her. "I got a damn black eye because you knew I was right! You can't even sit up here and lie your way out of it this time. I've seen it for myself, but I knew. I fucking knew it, but I wanted to believe you so damn bad. I wanted to believe that the changes you made were real. Just once I wanted you to do right by me like you used to, but silly me, huh? Joke's on Sunny!" After making her exit (which is comparable to Bernadine from Waiting to Exhale), Sunny has vowed to herself to be over with Tristan and even love itself. That's until she meets the handsome and charismatic Wisdom. "Wisdom isn't your average man. He's not easygoing, and he comes with a lot of shit. Before you dive in, make sure you're ready for that. I know he's fine and all, but you're my family. Protect yourself and your heart."

Wisdom is a broken thug that has seen so much in his life that love just isn't in his line of vision. But an ain't shit momma and a daddy lost to the streets will usually do that to you. "'Wisdom's been through a lot. His mama failed him, and I've done the best I can.' Justice sighed. 'He might never say he loves you. He might never want an actual relationship with you or want to get married and have kids. It's the way he made himself. His mama got him thinking he ain't worthy of being loved. You have to see if these things are worth the sacrifice when loving a Price man. You're young now, but these are things to think about.'" Even with all his self-control and avoidance of Sunny, Wisdom can't dodge Sunny's rays of light. He's like a moth drawn to a flame. After a life altering altercation, Wisdom is forced to make some hard decisions, one being can he fathom a life without Sunny.

Tristan is a basketball player with good looks, all the money his heart can desire and a wife that's incomparable to most. Yet that isn't enough for him. He wants more, more being more women besides his wife. When he gets himself entangled with an Instagram model named Riley, he realizes that none of it was worth losing his wife, Sunny. "If you believe those gifts and that house equaled me being in love with you, then you would be sadly mistaken. That house isn't because I love you or because my feelings were invested. It was because it was convenient, easy, and private. What I look like sneaking into some dorms and I'm a damn celebrity? You were easy. When I didn't feel like traveling long distances and my wife was trippin' on me, it was you who I can slide in." Tristan will stop at nothing to try to win Sunny back, but Riley isn't giving up on him and their relationship so easily. Riley is determined to make Tristan hers and the bed that they made gets harder and harder to lay in as the story unfolds.

This was my first read by this author and will not be my last. This story is very lengthy, but it isn't filled with fluffiness that would take away from the story. It held my attention from the beginning to the end and was very entertaining. The characters were layered and helped make the storyline even better. I even loved how unique some of the names of the characters were. The author even blessed us with some gems throughout the read. "Black women... we are taught to settle and suffer in silence. We're told to be strong and just take what is given to us. We're taught to listen to our husbands, and if they're doing something wrong, we are told to turn a blind eye, but that's not what we have to do." Great job Courtney! You've earned yourself a new reader.

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