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Book Review on W.I.P: Work In Progress by Ashantay Keys

If you're looking for a cute romance story, look no further. This book is urban romance with just the right sprinkling of drama! In this story we are introduced to Vanity and Mystic. Vanity is an editor known as "The Dark Horse", she's the best editor in the literary world, but the cost has been the sacrificing of her love live. Then we meet Mystic, he's a bestselling author and damn near perfect boyfriend, but sometimes perfect isn't good enough. When these two characters worlds collide, it's nothing short of entertaining.

This story captured my attention from the beginning with the opening scene. It had just enough drama to keep my interest piqued from the beginning to the end. It also shed some light on the behind the scenes in the literary world and I absolutely love stories that have that. This author also gave shout-outs to some of her favorite authors, which is also a favorite of mine. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did!

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