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Book Review on Unforgettable by Queen Rae

When I see the genre "paranormal", it instantly makes me anxious. Mainly because I'm scary (lol). But it's authors like Queen Rae that help ease my anxiety. Unforgettable is an urban paranormal romance featuring Zavia and Dallas. Both characters have been through their fair share of trauma and have suffered unimaginable losses. When the characters meet, it's as if it was their destiny to be together. "To live without love is not living at all, and through Dallas, Zavia found love, and through Zavia, Dallas found his purpose."

The first half of this reads like a love story. It almost gave me Hallmark movie vibes because I was feeling the chemistry between the characters and how they met. At about 60% in, I was checking Amazon to see if this book was in fact paranormal. I thought I had missed the spooky stuff. It was later in the book when the author revealed the paranormal activity. Which made we want to reread and pay closer attention. Overall, this was a good read. It kept my attention, I was interested in what the characters had going on, and the ending had me wanting to read more by this author.

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