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Book Review on There's Always Hope by Johnni Sherri

This book was one of our most anticipated releases in 2020. I initially fell in love with these characters last year and could not wait to dive in for their update. Hope and Meeko are back, but no more nerdy girl and high school football player, they're full-fledged adults doing real adult things. I went into this read thinking I was going to get roses and mushy stuff and boy was I wrong. This book took me on a roller coaster of emotions and did not disappoint.

Hope desperately wants to be Mrs. Meeko Taylor, but fails to communicate it in a way that Meeko will receive it. Still holding on to her naivety, she lets Meeko uproot her and move her to Baltimore, wanting nothing more than to keep her family together. But the words of her Deddy ring loud in her subconscious. "You want her to act like a wife? Cook and clean? Follow you around the world, where she has no one, no family, no support, nothing? Why won't you marry her?" Hope gave me plenty of headaches while reading this book, but what I did love was that in the midst of her storm, she was able to find herself and be a woman that made herself proud.

Meeko has always wanted to do the right thing by Hope. As a fatherless man, he's done everything that he knows how to do just that. Growing up and not seeing the people around him getting married, he feels there's no need to tamper with something that doesn't need fixing. "I never asked you because I don't know who I am! How could I even think about giving you my last name when I didn't even know what the fuck that was? My whole existence, Hope... my whole life has been a fucking lie!" Those words hold so true, because as secrets are revealed I start to wonder if I even know the character that I once loved so much.

This book had my anxiety on ten, but it was so worth the wait and I'm happy I read it. I cried, I laughed and was angry more times than I wanted to be. I wasn't expecting to feel so many emotions. The ending and the sex scenes made up for all of angst. Hope went from an inexperienced virgin to Naughty Girl right in front of my eyes and I have to say, I'm very pleased with her. This read broke my heart, but it also mended it. "I knew that no matter how crazy the previous chapters of our lives had been, no matter where our future story would take us, we would always be together-- for us and our love, there would always be hope." I can't wait to read the next installment.

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