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Book Review on The Ways of Love: (Four Letter Word, #4) by Bella Jay

From the moment I started this series. I was drawn in. These characters were filled with so many laughs, so much love and an abundance of drama. This installment is the final book in the series, and it left me fulfilled and completed. The gang's back, Adalyn, Avelyn, Tessah, Dasiah, Waze and Kyree. Even Landon makes an appearance *inserts eye roll emoji*. They're older, more mature, but still battling some demons from their past that definitely requires a few more sessions with Jakei, the series' therapist.

In the last book, Adalyn was pregnant, not knowing if Waze or Landon was the father to her baby. In this book we get closure on that situation and we're all able to move forward, or at least we should have. Wrong! Even though Adalyn has blossomed in to a strong and confident woman, she's still holding on to the hurt that Landon took her through. "Jakei had helped me so much over the last year and a half. And if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be half of the girlfriend I was to Waze or nowhere near the mother I was to AJ." And even though Waze has been the picture-perfect boyfriend, her insecurities are on the brink of destroying them and everything they worked for.

From the moment Waze laid eyes on Adayln, he knew she was the one. "I still remember every second of the day we met. I remember leaving Ave's apartment and thinking about you nonstop. Your spirit, your vibe, your energy--just you..." Loving her through her brokenness and the best father Amaia could ever need. But like any good man, he's in tune with his woman and knows something has been off with her lately. When the past refuses to stay in the past, Waze isn't sure that being the perfect boyfriend is enough.

This book, no, this entire series, was the best thing I never knew I needed. I laughed and was filled with an array of emotions while reading this series. I was drawn in from the beginning and sad when it ended. What makes me love the story more, even though my blood pressure was up just about the entire book, the author still gave me exactly what I wanted in the end. "'But when it comes to true love,' she continued, 'the type of love that can't be denied, no matter how hard you may try-- it conquers all. And true, real, healthy, unselfish love, as we all know, is always worth fighting for.'"

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