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Book Review on The Replacements by Shae Sanders

Shae Sanders has broadened by imagination when it comes to tropes. Office romances are now at the top of my list and it's all thanks to her. The Replacements is just what the title says, a grumpy romance novel. When Savannah finds out her husband is cheating on her, she decides to put a plan in motion. "And it was there, when I put on my nightgown and, surrounded by all the beautiful things I'd accumulated over the years, that I realized I didn't want to give it all up. I loved the life I'd built. I needed a plan." Initially I thought Savannah's plan was to work and be able to try to halfway provide herself with the lifestyle she was accustomed to living, but I was so wrong. Savannah is looking for a replacement husband, one whose pockets are equally as fat as her soon to be ex-husband's. "'I see. Which department has the most men?' Her eyes widened. 'What do you mean?' I laughed to play it off. I have a single girlfriend who wants to meet a corporate guy. I'm just wondering where most of them are.'"

Savannah hasn't worked a job since graduating college. Even with having her degree in hospitality, Savannah decides to be a housewife. Serving the needs of her husband, Mo. But after going through their finances one day, Savannah stumbles on an error that her husband wasn't expecting her to catch. After realizing that she needs an exit strategy from her marriage, Savannah gets her philandering husband to get her a job. With years absent from the work force, Savannah is aware she can't do it on her own and hopes that Mo's name will hold enough weight to get her hired. When Savannah arrives at Jackson Distributors, she's not sure what to expect, but she wasn't expecting Taurus, her future grumpy boss. "His chiseled jaw, bald head, and designer suit made him appear as if he'd just stepped off the pages of one of those issues of GQ in the waiting room. Handsome didn't quite capture the essence of him. Distinguished, maybe. Commanding. Magnetic.

Taurus is goal driven. His career, the dollars in his bank account and his daughter are the few things in life that make him happy. But when an under qualified Savannah steps foot in his office, his curiosity is piqued. "I thought about her body in that suit stacked up like a plate of pancakes. And her face... round and soft...Pouty lips. Almond-shaped brown eyes. Thick black hair. Full breasts. They looked heavy, too. Just the way I liked." Her willingness to learn has him interested in seeing where things will go. Being the wife of a corporate executive is almost like being an executive assistant right? Taurus is knowingly demanding and doesn't feel bad about it, but Savannah turns out the be a better assistant than he expects. "'Come on, Savannah,' he smirked. 'You ain't cooking up chicken marsala and giving top tier pussy and head because you wanna be the world's best assistant."

Shae Sanders has been one of the best things to happen to me in 2021 and it appears to be rolling over into 2022. The books I've read by her have been witty, entertaining, and nasty. Really, really, really nasty. The Replacements wasn't any different. I was engrossed and invested while reading this story. And while Savannah was looking for a replacement husband, which originally was alarming to say the very least, her character was very relatable and likable. She didn't give gold digger vibes. Taurus was an asshole, but from the moment Savannah laid eyes on him I knew he would be book bae material. This book was a five-star read for me and has me moving Shae's On the Clock series straight to the top of my TBR read pile. Loved it!!

This book is anticipated to be released on 1/8/2022.

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Unknown member
Jan 07, 2022

Shae made me realize how much I loved office romances with her On The Clock series. She's an amazing writer - great review!

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