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Book Review on The Prototype Glimpses by Jacinta Howard

If you are anything like me, you've been missing the characters from The Prototype series. In this group of really short stories Jacinta catches up on all of our favorite characters. Just like the original series, there are four books, each containing one of our favorite couples. Keep reading to see what I thought on each book.

The Love Below: Glimpse 1 (Bam + Cassie)

As stated in my review of The Prototype, Bam is my favorite male character. He just has that irresistible grown man swag. In this glimpse, Bam and Cassie are adjusting to being married with kids. "Cass and I had been smooth sailing since the babies were born, well, for the most part. And even before that. Really, since we got married. Like that stability, that commitment, is what we needed to settle us." But like any married couple, problems will arise. Cassie is still jealous and insecure and Bam is still charming and willing to do anything to make his girl be okay. "You and the girls-this family we've built? It's my life, for real. There's nothing I won't do for us, for you, you know that right?" *swoons*


The Love Below: Glimse 2: (Devin & Willow)