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Book Review on The Prototype Glimpses by Jacinta Howard

If you are anything like me, you've been missing the characters from The Prototype series. In this group of really short stories Jacinta catches up on all of our favorite characters. Just like the original series, there are four books, each containing one of our favorite couples. Keep reading to see what I thought on each book.

As stated in my review of The Prototype, Bam is my favorite male character. He just has that irresistible grown man swag. In this glimpse, Bam and Cassie are adjusting to being married with kids. "Cass and I had been smooth sailing since the babies were born, well, for the most part. And even before that. Really, since we got married. Like that stability, that commitment, is what we needed to settle us." But like any married couple, problems will arise. Cassie is still jealous and insecure and Bam is still charming and willing to do anything to make his girl be okay. "You and the girls-this family we've built? It's my life, for real. There's nothing I won't do for us, for you, you know that right?" *swoons*


Devin and Willow are my favorite couple. Their personalities mesh so well together. Devin is a natural leader, who can be down right bossy at times, but Willow is no pushover. "'I know I ain't easy to deal with sometimes,' he admitted, raking his fingers through his hair as he watched me smile." I love how their personalities balances out their relationship.

In this glimpse we get to see how married life is working for them. Just like their courtship, Willow is fighting for individuality and Devin is making sure that the distance that their individual lives create doesn't water down their love. "Me and you... this thing we have between us. I can't get a handle on it sometimes, Low-Low. It's so everywhere, so all over me all the time. I don't know if you get that." The love these two have is definitely enviable.


In this glimpse we get to see how married life is working out for Kennedy and Travis. Kennedy and Travis appear to be the perfect couple, but even the perfect couple has problems. The part I love the most about them is the fact that don't disagree in public.

In their Prototype installment we find out why Kennedy is as fragile as glass, her fragility isn't as intense in this glimpse but it's still lingering. Because of this fragility Travis's need to protect Kennedy is intensified. But that need does not go unnoticed. "'I wouldn't want to do any of this without you,' I amended. 'You... balance me. Stabilize me. Protect me. And that protection, your protection is what allows me to focus on what I need to do, because you're here covering me. I love you for that. I love you so much, Trav, sometimes it feels like... I dunno, like that's the only thing I do feel is you.'"

Not only are Travis and Kennedy relationship goals, they're bedroom goals as well. "I still had no words for what Travis did me. It was completely other. When he was inside of me the way he was now it was almost like he took over my entire body, and everything I was made of, my entire essence, melted and then merged with him." Jacinta can write some bomb ass sex scenes. If this isn't goals, I don't know what is.


I guess that old saying is true, they really save the best for last. Just like that, Zay and Jersey are my new favorite couple! Jersey is a complicated being, but Zay doesn't let that get in the way of him loving her. "She was beauty personified. The peak of creation. Like God was just flexin' when he made her."

Zay and Jersey face the same struggles as the rest of the couples, trying to keep their relationships in tact all while being successful artists. They were literally mad for half of this book, but that didn't diminish the love they had for each other. "'Nothin's all the way right when we're not right, huh?' she mused softly." But like every other couple in the world, making up is the best part. "'If the Creator made anything better than this, I have no idea what it is,'I say winded."

The Prototype performs in this book and you can't tell me I wasn't at Jimmy's. Jacinta is a wordsmith! I feel so connected to these characters, as if they are real people.


If I had to rank the books in this series, my rankings are as follows:

• Zay + Jersey

• Bam + Cassie

• Travis + Kennedy

• Devin + Willow

But don't get it twisted, I loved ALL of these glimpses. I definitely hope Jacinta gives us more of these characters.

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