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Book Review on The Honey Pack Chronicles by A. Monique

What I thought would be a short and freaky read turned into something I was not expecting. The Honey Pack Chronicles is a short story featuring Syxx. Syxx is looking for something to get into and all his viable options are either preoccupied, or he isn't interested in them. When his homeboy mentions the honey pack, his interest is piqued. Right after he learns about the honey pack, he receives a DM from a chocolate beauty. So, it has to be divine intervention from his big homey Future that has things working out in his favor. "To my surprise, there were multiple reviews and videos with people raving about the honey pack," and how it put them on demon time. One man even wrote, 'Man that damn honey pack had my dick rock hard for a whole night! I love this shit!' That was all I needed to see!" Readers are taken on a freaky adventure with Syxx and his new found conquest, Gryffyn.

In sixty five pages A. Monique was able to make me laugh, be inquisitive and make my jaw drop. This was a short but very entertaining read. If you're looking for a new author to try or prefer shorter books, this one is definitely worth checking out!

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Jul 31, 2023


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