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Book Review on The Art of Taming a Wild Heart by Skye Moon

Skye Moon has finally given us the finale of The Art of Falling series and I for one am eternally grateful. This series gives us the closure we need between Sevin and Cersi, along with a few of the other main characters from the previous installments in the series.

Cersi has relocated, hoping to have a fresh start and finally get her life together. For the most part, that's exactly what she's done. Cersi is living her lifelong dream designing and hosting fashion shows, sis is even engaged. She should be happy right? Even with all of the success and happiness in her new life, Cersi can't help but wonder if her decision to end things with Sevin was the right move. "My family might be pissed about my decision, which I'm sure they would be but at the end of it all, I could handle them. What I couldn't handle was Sevin and the feelings that I still harbored for him."

Sevin has given up his street dreams and is now a stockbroker. He's trying to do the right thing since he's a single father now. Like most good dudes, no matter how much he tries to leave his past life behind him, his past life just won't let go, mainly Gina. "And the saddest part was, her only reason for trying to ruin my life was the fact that she'd gotten caught cheating, essentially ruining hers." Sevin is forced to make some tough decisions regarding his baby momma, all while trying to stay on the straight and narrow. When Hendric announces that Cersi is returning for her birthday he tries to play it cool, but even can Hendric can see that Cersi is the woman for Sevin.

I loved all the characters, well most of the characters, but the author's character development is so on point that she was able to make me slightly like a character that I once hated. Even with these characters growing and maturing, they still found a way to be ghetto. "And ruin yet another event? Hell no. You know these niggas have no act right." This finale didn't leave me with any unanswered questions, but it did leave me still wanting more. Hopefully, these characters will appear in some of the author's future work. Overall, I loved this book, and I loved this entire series.

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