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Book Review on Tease (Sweet Spot Shorts Book 1) by Aja

Tease was a short and sweet novella. In this story we meet Charlotte, also known as Charlie. Charlie seems to have everything together except her love life. After splitting with Amir Sr. it seems she's given up on love. Next we meet Chaz, Chaz is the kid's football coach sent from heaven. He's everything a woman could want and more. Sounds like the perfect match up right? Wrong! Charlie is adamant about not messing around with her son's football coach but she doesn't stand a chance against her matchmaker son. "You never have fun, and you need someone who's going to love you right."

The chemistry between Charlie and Chaz is palpable. Throw in a crazy ex and a kid that's grown way before his time and you get an interesting read. Aja was a new to me author and she did not disappoint.

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