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Book Review on Strummed by Iesha Bree

This title is set to be released November 5, 2022

Most kids from the ghetto have hopes and dreams. Dreams of making it out of the hood and being able to provide for their family. Some are successful in turning their dreams into a reality, but most are not. And when one sets their sights on a career in the music industry, sometimes that makes the dream that much more unattainable. Tru Newton was successful in attaining his dream, but impending doom was on the horizon. When fate places an angel with bright red hair in his path, things are looking up for him. Life has hardened him, and relationships just aren't his thing, but something about Harlin Cox has him ready to risk it all. Strummed is an unconventional love story that helps not only the characters, but also readers, realize sometimes what want is exactly what you need. "Once you've been strummed, you never go back."

Struman "Tru" Newton isn't your typical R&B bad boy. He's hood in just about every sense of the word. "I pulled my nine from the back of my jeans and cocked it for good measure." Raised in the streets of hard knocks, he's found a way to get him and his family out of the hood. But the music industry is fickle, and his record label needs his next album to pop, or his career may be a thing of the past. When his manager hears a red headed beauty by the name of Harlin perform, he knows the exact way he's going to get Tru back in the game. The only obstacles in his way of his rise back to the top is his attraction to Harlin, and his attitude. "I couldn't really read her, but I damn sure couldn't stop the way my eyes ate up every inch of her." With him being so unfamiliar with relationships, it was very interesting to read how this unfolded.

Harlin Cox packed up her bags and gave herself a year to get her foot in the door of the music industry. With her boyfriend Tonio banking on her failure, things just didn't seem to be worth her continuing to try. When she's approached by James, Tru's manager, she's slightly discouraged when she realizes that he's only interested in her song writing ability, not her vocal skills. When her friend Laine convinces her that this is still an opportunity of a lifetime, she forces herself to look at the glass half full. Once she's in the studio with Tru, not even his rude behavior can calm the sexual tension brewing between the two. "I hated the power he continued to work over my body. It didn't hurt that he was an asshole." With one foot still in her relationship with Tonio and another tiptoeing towards Tru, Harlin may not be able to handle all that life is throwing her way.

When Iesha reached out to me on reviewing this book, I was a little hesitant. I didn't have as much time as I would've liked, and I was in the midst of birthday celebrations. But from the moment I read the first chapter, I was so glad she did. Once I started reading, it was as if the pages were flipping themselves. I couldn't wait to see how things would go with these characters. Initially, I was confused on how to feel about Tru, but as the story progressed, him and his rude ways had become enjoyable to read, and I found myself rooting for him and Harlin. There is a subsequent storyline that takes place as well in the book with Harlin's best friend, Laine, and Tru's best friend Rocko. Their story was equally entertaining to read but doesn't over shadow the main characters. The storyline paired with the dope cover made this a five star read for me. When I finished, I was left feeling just like Tru said, "You've just been strummed." Great job Iesha!

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Unknown member
Nov 03, 2022

Looking forward to reading this


Unknown member
Nov 02, 2022

It was sooooo good! 😩😩🥰🥰

Unknown member
Nov 02, 2022
Replying to

😆😆😆 Girl somehow I find the time! 😩

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