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Book Review on Soul Snatched by Lex C.

Any person that see's the title Soul Snatched would have to be a tiny bit curious about what this book is about, right? So, the title and the cover had me running to see what kind of story Lex C. penned to match the vibes of this cover. If you're brain works on the kind of time mine works on, then your mind went straight to the gutter (LMAO), and although this book didn't disappoint on the sex aspect, the soul snatching didn't only happen in the bedroom. When the main characters, Oren and Sanay link up, and appear to connect on a deeper level, added with the plot twist, the title of the story becomes crystal clear. Making me proud of the way Lex orchestrated this story. "With a hold on me like this, the woman had to be after my soul."

Sanay is a woman trying to do what's needed to keep her family together. Her grandparents died and left her their family home. So, keeping her mom and sister close to her was important. With her trying to run her salon out of the home, her sister and mom have her rethinking her decision. "I chose to put my family first, and now it's like my family is drowning me. The family members that I didn't even intend to put first at that. I barely can think about dick with all this shit hanging over me." When Sanay decided enough is enough, she ventures out to find work outside of her home, landing her in the sights of Oren. "'Good girls don't fall for men like me, so you'll be good,' I assured Sanay as I watched her breathe in pure joy."

Oren is a broken soul. The trauma from his past has a hold on him. Keeping him from pursuing anything with the opposite sex. Even with wise words from his dad, he'd just rather do without love. "When God closes a pair of legs, another one opens." Until he meets Sanay. Their initial meeting isn't a love at first sight one, but when she happens upon him the second time, she's able to redeem herself and get his interest piqued. With the beauty and body of a goddess, Oren is quickly caught up in her and knows that his run from love has come to an end. "When you squeeze them thick thighs like you are doing right now, I think shit I really shouldn't about you. Then, when you look at me like you're looking at me right now , I can't help but think... You tryna snatch a nigga soul, Sanay?"

Initially when I started this read, my mind went to trauma bonds. "Trauma bonds got a bad reputation. Some people bonded because they endured traumas that prepared them to be the missing pieces to each other's puzzle of healing, not just the distraction to one or the other's trauma, leaving the relationship built on toxicity." And Lord knows I love me a good ol' trauma bond. Both of these characters were broken, but not broken beyond repair. Although I felt both needed a good round of therapy, I'm happy they both were able to move on from their trauma without damaging the other. The toxicity in this book made for an interesting read, but the plot twist in the end had my jaw slack and eyes wide. Lex C. is giving the girls quality over quantity, and this book is proof of that. I loved this book and can't wait to see what she has up next.

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Unknown member
Feb 28, 2023

Yesssss🙌🏽🙌🏽Go Lex♥️

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