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Book Review on Soul Love by Aja

Imagine living in a universe where your future is already predetermined. Where your soulmate is already assigned to you and you’re existing until you meet them. If you believe in that theory, then this is the perfect read for you. "Stop being upset at not knowing all the future holds for you, and just be happy to know there is a future."

Zoe is a psychic that knows her soul mate before she's even met him. Clairvoyance runs in her family, making her and the other women in her family "different". When she finally lays eyes on her soul mate, she knows this is the man she's been destined to be with, but the person she finds him with may possibly change the game. Curiosity gets her caught up in his persona and she can't help but wonder why the universe chose Rashaad for her. "I wanted to skip my Restaurant Management class just so that I could understand why he'd be my soulmate."

Rashaad is the unattached musician that isn't looking for love. His vibe drives just about any woman mad. "He had this vibe and I don't even think he was aware of it, or if he was, cared about what it did to women." After a one-night stand attempt gone wrong, he lays eyes on Zoe and is instantly intrigued. Something about her has him willing to risk it all and possibly put all his bad boy ways to the side.

This book makes me believe in soulmates. I loved the storyline. I loved the way the way this book left endless possibilities with more to come but with new and different characters. "The Star had watched what went on beneath it and when it finally saw that Rashaad came to where he was needed and that was with Zoe, it beamed brighter with happiness. For now, the Star's job was now done. Next to it but still about 5 light years away, another Star, much dimmer, started to flicker. It was now time." This book is a part of a series but can be read as a standalone. The universe this author created for her characters was unique and different. This book is contemporary romance with very little drama, but the storyline had just enough razzle dazzle to hold my attention.

If you haven't read any of the books in this series, click the pic below to get started.

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