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Book Review on Rocked by Iesha Bree

If you've been keeping up with Iesha Bree's Newton family series, you are in for a treat. Sis blessed us with a surprise release, and I am thoroughly pleased. In book one we meet Tru and his homeboy Rocko. Rocko is mysterious, dreamy, and potentially a book bae. But outside of all those things, he's Tru's right hand man. And although they may now be living like the rich and the famous, things haven't always been that way for them. This story gives a us closer look at Rocko and his past, confirming that this character got it out the mud and deserves everything he has. "We'd been strummed, heated, and rocked, but never broken.

Rocko seemingly has the perfect life. The wife of his dreams, a son that is a carbon copy of himself, and a mechanic shop that helps the guys in the community. When his past decides to visit his present, things seem to knock him off his square. What he deems as protecting his wife, Laine, comes across as secrecy, causing a rift in his perfect marriage. His clean break from the game, is starting to get a lil' messy. Thankfully he had Tru in his corner to help clean up his impending mess. "No matter where the road took us from here, our family was bound forever now, forged in the fires of tribulation we had weathered, arm in arm. The past could haunt us no more. Even though our lives had been Rocked, her heart would forever be my foundation."

I have loved this series from book one. It's as if the books get more and more urban as the story goes on. This book was no different. Although it was short, it was good from the beginning to the end. Great job, Iesha! This is definitely one of my favorite reads of the year.

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